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2015 San Diego Real Estate Market Update

San Diego Real Estate Market Update

February saw a seasonal slowdown in San Diego’s real estate market with a 36% decrease in detached homes and a 38% decrease in attached homes compared to the previous month. This is nothing out of the ordinary as we slowly emerge from the post-holiday slowdown. Prices saw a slight appreciation in February, around 1% for both detached and attached homes in San Diego.

2014 was the year of stability and normalcy. The housing crisis is behind us and the market is back to normal. Mortgage interest rates dropped again in January and still remain at historically low levels. This should spur home-buying for the summer months.

A lack of inventory remains a problem in San Diego although there are positive signs of this changing. As more and more people start to increase equity in their homes they will be able to move up or some may even take that equity and move down if they are moving towards their golden years. As this happens we will see improvements in housing available for purchase.

It’s still too early to predict where the market will head in 2015, but with foreclosure rates back to normal at less than 1% of all sales home equity will improve and the future looks good.

2015 San Diego Real Estate Market Update

Carlsbad Home for Sale

New Carlsbad Home for Sale! Team Aguilar has just listed a gorgeous Carlsbad Home for Sale in the 92008 zip code. This custom Cape Cod style home has 3 Bedrooms and 2.5 baths. Custom upgrades include Slate floors, French doors, Milgard windows and Central A/C. This home is move-in ready. The added addition above the home is absolutely stunning and can be used as a bedroom, office, or perhaps even rented as the new owner see fit. Featuring a large back and front yard, this home is centrally located within walking distance to all three area schools — the elementary, middle, and high school – this home is ideal for anyone wanting to raise a family in one of the best school districts in California.  Close to everything one could desire in Southern California, this home sits one mile from the Beach and is very close to Downtown Carlsbad in addition to numerous parks, basketball courts, tennis courts and soccer fields. Very reasonably priced at $769,000, this home won’t be on the market long.

Contact Howard Blum or Fred Blum at 619-366-2000 for showings.

MLS # 140015363


Search Carlsbad Real Estate for sale HERE and remember to check back for other new listings. This Carlsbad Home for Sale sold within 30 days and is no longer on the market but contact us for more information on other new listings.

Vanessa Charfen – House Hunters San Diego

Vanessa Charfen was on House Hunters last month and here is the clip from her episode.

Get to know Vanessa Charfen! If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in San Diego County please give her a call.

Vanessa Charfen
Team Aguilar Real Estate

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Investor Tips for Fix and Flips

If you’re a new investor and looking to do fix and flips there are specific things you should know before spending your money. As a real estate agent with a construction background, I would like to share a few tips that you should know when flipping a house:

1) ALWAYS have a budget and STICK to it! You have an inspection period when you purchase, USE IT WISELY! You can figure out a list of what needs fixing and get a LICENSED contractor to bid the project within your inspection period.

2) Always hire LICENSED contractors to do any work on the house for you. It may seem financially wise to hire the cheapest person, but you have no idea what liability you open yourself up to if you do not have a licensed contractor. Licensed people may charge more but that is simply because they are bonded and insured. Find a good one, keep him busy and negotiate pricing but whatever you do DO NOT cut corners and hire unlicensed people. You will end up paying more in the long run. When a buyer comes in and performs their property inspection you don’t want them to find any issues with the work that was performed.

3) NEVER pay your contractor by the hour, day, week, etc. He should be able to give you a quote based on the job itself. He is a professional and he will know about material costs and how much time it will take him. If you are not comfortable with what he says, find another one. There are plenty out there to choose from! Small tasks can be paid by the hour but better to bid by the job / project.

4) Spend your money in the right places by analyzing your market. Walk other investor flips that are active listings and check out your competition. Your REALTOR® should be able to help you find other comparable rehabs to view. Will your house sell with a $50 faucet instead of a $200 faucet? Do you need slab granite or will tile or formica work just as well? Use your resources….ask questions. Don’t cut corners but don’t waste money for unnecessary upgrades compared to other comps in the area.

5) Most important…time is money….have a construction schedule. Get that house closed, fixed and flipped as quick as possible. Remember that your comparables in the neighborhood are only as good as time allows. If your house sits for a long period of time in a declining market, you may end up losing money. Work smart, quick and ask questions when you’re unsure. I hope this helps!! Good luck and success to everyone!

Investor Tips for Fix and Flips

San Diego’s Uneven Housing Recovery And How You Can Benefit From It!

We’ve all heard news of the San Diego housing market recovery by now – I’ve already blogged about it before (mini housing bubble, Prices Up, Foreclosures Down ). Latest data from real estate tracking company DataQuick, however, provides an interesting quirk on the recovery story. It turns out that the recovery is not uniform across all neighborhoods in San Diego County but, in fact, certain neighborhoods are recovering faster than others.

Unsurprisingly, high-density subdivisions close to major employers as well as beach-front neighborhoods in northwest San Diego recovered fastest, gaining back much of their pre-housing-crash value, while neighborhoods in south and east San Diego County have been much slower to recover.

What’s driving the recovery?

First of all, it is important to pinpoint the reasons behind the recovery in the first place. A gradually strengthening national economy, combined with steady increases in employment and historically low interest rates mandated by FHA have played a role in creating a mini-frenzy in the real estate market last year. Many would-be home buyers sitting on the fence decided to jump into the market to take advantage of low rates and depressed prices, driving up property values in certain desirable neighborhoods. The limited inventory of detached single-family homes combined with increased demand from local, out-of-state and international buyers resulted in a significant rise in home prices.

Which areas experienced the strongest recovery?

Carmel Valley, thanks to its proximity to large employers such as Qualcomm and good schools experienced the strongest recovery – the average home value are a mere 3.2% below their pre-crash peak in 2005.

The coastal communities of Mission Beach and Pacific Beach have also seen strong recoveries in home values thanks to limited supply of prime beach front property. Premium beach-front areas in a city like San Diego will always be in demand, regardless of the overall state of the housing market. The average home in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach sells for around 9.3% less than their peak pre-crash price.

Which areas are going through slow recoveries?

Neighborhoods mainly in the southern and eastern parts of San Diego County such as Logan Heights, Paradise Hills and Chula Vista are not faring as well as their northern counterparts. Average home prices in these areas are still nearly 50% lower than their pre-housing-crash peak.

These areas were hardest hit by the mortgage crisis, experiencing a high level of mortgage defaults resulting in foreclosures. To reduce their inventory of foreclosed homes banks were compelled to resell these properties at highly discounted prices, which had a knock-on effect of lowering property values throughout the neighborhood. While values have risen, they have not kept pace with other parts of San Diego County.

The silver lining (Here’s how you benefit!)

Economists and analysts all agree that the recovery is well underway, and has been for some time now. It’s not a matter of if, but when, prices will return to their pre-crash peaks. Even neighborhoods like Logan Heights and Paradise Hills are expected to recover fully as homeowners in those neighborhoods fix up their properties and put them on the market. As non-distressed home sales increase in such neighborhoods it will have the effect of raising median home prices across the board.

Investors are already being priced out the more expensive areas on San Diego and are turning to the South and East areas of the County to find great deals on single family homes. Southern and Eastern San Diego County are prime areas for anyone looking for a bargain right now.

The historically low interest rates for single family detached homes won’t last forever. FHA has artificially held rates down to speed up recovery in the national housing market, but once the government intervention ends mortgage rates will start to rise, pushing many would-be buyers out of the market.

San Diego’s Uneven Housing Recovery and How You Can Benefit From It!

The signs are clear; prices have no way to go but up and rates are still historically low (for the time being). Now is a great time to invest.

Mini-Housing Bubble, Foreclosure Recovery and the Most Morally Pure San Diego Neighborhoods – San Diego Real Estate Highlights for the Week of June 17, 2013

CNNMoney logo

CNNMoney recently featured San Diego as one of their Top Ten Fastest Growing Cities for Real Estate. San Diego’s prominent Navy presence and the defence contractors that come with it, as well as being the conduit for $26.3 billion worth of Californian exports to Mexico are cited as the primary reasons for the city’s economic growth. San Diego’s sunny climate and ocean front location are also listed as major draws for new residents. The article mentions that property developers in San Diego have switched to condos and rental apartments as affordable alternatives to single family homes.

UT San Diego logoUT San Diego kicked off June with a number of dire predictions about the local real estate market. This story warns about rising home prices in San Diego Real Estate. Home prices in March of 2013 were 12% higher from what they were a year ago – the highest they have been since 2008. What is the reason behind this precipitous rise? Inventory shortage as a result of high buyer demand thanks to historically low rates combined with a large number of homeowners unable to sell because they’re stuck in underwater mortgages.

A follow up piece three days later cites the aforementioned factors as a potential catalyst for a mini-housing bubble in San Diego. The author states that San Diego is more vulnerable to abrupt changes in house prices than other markets because of its strict zoning laws. Such laws, though popular with residents, make it difficult for property developers to quickly respond to surging demand with new construction. Experts estimate that new construction in San Diego is down 89 percent from its peak in 2006, leading to a dearth of new inventory in the face of increasing buyer enthusiasm.

A June 20 article laments the bleak prospects for affordable housing in California in the wake of reduced federal funding. The article discusses several new proposals to keep affordable housing alive in the Golden State, including a bill that would mandate an additional $75 fee for filing paperwork relating to refinancing, liens and quit-claim deeds – a move predictably opposed by the California Association of Realtors.

We end our UT San Diego round-up with this positive piece proudly proclaiming that San Diego foreclosures are at a 7 year low. The $25 billion national mortgage settlement and California’s Homeowner’s Bill of Rights are said to be the primary driving forces behind the reduction in foreclosures (both are discussed in more detail in this earlier blog post). Another factor behind the recovery is increasing home values, which brought many homeowners struggling with underwater mortgages out of negative equity. Federal and State incentives to protect homeowners also meant that banks were more receptive to conducting short sales in San Diego instead of foreclosing. Now would be a good time to remind readers that real estate industry groups like the California Mortgage Association, California Bankers Association and California Mortgage Bankers Association lobbied hard against the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, warning of dire consequences if it passed.

This 13 page feature in the May/June 2013 issue of Our City San Diego gives us an extensive look into the many diverse and colorful neighborhoods that make up San Diego. The editors broke down San Diego County into 85 neighborhoods and ranked them in 16 categories, including crime, schools, youth facilities, health and “moral cleanliness.” The article contains the details behind ranking methodology and data sources used. Spoiler: Coronado consistently ranks as the best place to raise a family, and Downtown San Diego the worst. As far as moral cleanliness (i.e. sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll) is concerned, Hillcrest and Downtown San Diego are ranked as the worst (or best, if you happen to enjoy sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll!)

Three Celebrity REALTORS

The world of celebrities and real estate frequently intersect – stars buying million dollar homes and stars losing million dollar homes have been tabloid fodder for decades. For a change of pace let’s look at real estate agents who are celebrities in their own right, not REALTORS® to the stars (plenty of them around) but agents working in the field who are (or were) famous for one thing or the other. Keep in mind we use “celebrity” in the loosest sense of the word.

1. ‘Old Man’ off Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars Old ManStar of Pawn Stars, the hit History reality TV show, Richard Harrison (better known as ‘Old Man’) had a long and storied career before finding success in the cutthroat world of Las Vegas pawn-brokers. Before reality TV stardom and the bright lights of Las Vegas, ‘Old Man’ Harrison spent 21 years in the US Navy. He and his family were based in San Diego for most of those 21 years, where Harrison’s wife JoAnne obtained her REALTORS license and opened a San Diego real estate office in 1973. After he left the navy in the late 70’s Harrison helped run his wife’s San Diego real estate business for a number of years, until 18 percent interest rates in 1981 almost drove them to bankruptcy. The couple was forced to close up their San Diego real estate office and make the move to Las Vegas with less than $5000 to their name. Soon after the move ‘Old Man’ Harrison opened his first store, a tiny 300 square-foot Gold & Silver Coin Shop and the rest, as they say, is history.

2. Sharona off The Knack’s hit, My Sharona

SharonaSharona Alperin met The Knack’s lead singer Doug Fieger when she was 17 and a four year relationship ensued. His time with her inspired Fieger to write the band’s one and only hit, ‘My Sharona.’ Today, Alperin is a REALTOR for Sotheby’s International Realty, selling high-end real estate in West LA. Even though Alperin has been a successful real estate agent for more than 20 years she does not back away from her place in rock history, as anyone visiting her homepage will see.



3. Gay Swedish porn star turned real estate superstar, Fredrik Eklund

Fredrik Eklund left his native Sweden in 2001 and arrived in California where he starred in six gay pornographic films for the next two years. Eklund then made the move to New York where in a short amount of time he went from having zero clients and no real estate experience to becoming the managing director of Core Group Marketing, a boutique real estate firm where he handled a $58 million portfolio in 2010. Eklund is currently the managing director of Douglas Elliman Real Estate in Manhattan with “more than 1.5 billion dollars in residential sales over the last 11 years” according to his online profile.

Son of a prominent public figure (noted Swedish economist Klas Eklund), Mr. Eklund’s colorful past has made him something of a minor celebrity in his native Sweden. Now, with his Bravo real-estate themed reality show entering its second season, Eklund is well on his way to becoming a minor-celebrity here in America.

Celebrity REALTORS

San Diego Real Estate Market Update for February 22, 2013

The latest report from real estate tracker DataQuick paints a sunny picture for San Diego Real Estate in 2013. January’s figures show mortgage default rates in San Diego County at their lowest levels since mid-2005, and foreclosures at a six year low.

Impact of the Homeowner Bill of Rights
California Homeowner Bill of RightsA big reason for these declines is the of the Homeowner Bill of Rights, a comprehensive update to California’s mortgage regulations championed by Attorney General Kamala Harris and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown. The bill includes provisions to stop dual tracking (a controversial procedure where banks went ahead with foreclosure against struggling homeowners in the middle of a short sale or loan modification procedure), stop robo-signing foreclosure documents and to streamlining loan modification applications to make it easier for borrowers.

Despite strenuous objections from industry groups like the California Mortgage Association, California Bankers Association and California Mortgage Bankers Association, the Homeowner Bill of Rights became law on January 1st and had an immediate effect on lowering foreclosures and mortgage defaults, although the jury is still out on long-term ramifications.

Short Sales Popular as Ever
Short sales, where the lender approves the sale of a property for lower-than-market-price and forgives the remainder of the debt, made up 25.9% of all homes sold in Southern California. San Diego short sales remain as popular as ever, as it gives borrowers the opportunity the chance to get back into solvency with minimum impact to their credit ratings, and lenders the chance of avoiding a messy, lengthy and expensive foreclosure.

National Mortgage SettlementA large part of the rise in popularity of short sales in recent months is due to the $25 billion joint state-federal settlement reached with the nation’s largest mortgage companies in February 2012. The settlement is meant to help homeowners struggling in the aftermath of the housing-collapse, and the majority of that help is coming in the form of short sales. Now is as good a time as any to get approved for a short sale, seeing as the nation’s largest mortgage servicers are obliged to help.

Tight Inventory, Seller’s Market
San Diego real estate’s lack of inventory has led to a steady increase in prices towards the end of December. The lack of inventory and rising prices have created the perfect conditions for a seller’s market in January, and many homeowners decided to sell their properties to take advantage of this sudden-price hike.

This increase in sales is reflected in January’s figures, which show a six year high in the number of homes sold for that month. Experts are already questioning whether this sudden price hike is sustainable, and if it could encourage short-term property speculators.

Cash is King!
34.9 percent of all homes sold in January were paid for in cash. Buyers are paying with cash in record numbers in San Diego and other real estate markets in Southern California. Jumbo loans, i.e. mortgages above $417,000, accounted for 21.6 percent of January’s home lending, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) made up 5.8 percent while government-insured FHA loans, popular with first-time buyers, accounted for 23.5 percent of home financing options for the month of January.

Think market conditions are ripe for investing? Check out our San Diego real estate listings and contact Carlos or Alex today.