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Sell Your Home in San Diego for 2%

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Are you in the market to sell your home? There is no question that we are in a sellers market which is fantastic for sellers because inventory levels in San Diego County are at historic lows.

We have always offered clients an option to sell their home for a total of 2%. We provide full service to all of our clients. Sell Your Home in San Diego for 2% and receive the following.

All clients and listings will receive,

  • Listing syndication to all social media outlets
  • Internet syndication to all real estate websites (if sellers chooses to cooperate with buyers agents)
  • Expert consultation for preparing your home to sell
  • Access to staging resources if you would like to stage the property
  • Professional photos and virtual tour
  • Marketing flyers, materials for potential buyers
  • Featured ads on Facebook focused on 2-5 mile radius of subject property
  • Open houses if needed
  • Expert contract education and negotiation on all offers
  • Escrow & title services with preferred discount rates, California requires escrow & title on all sales
  • Constant follow up and availability for all sellers, we will be with you every step of the way

Sell Your Home in San Diego for 2%

When you buy or sell a home it is usually the largest contract you will be involved in, communication and transparency is what we do best. We will always negotiate in your best interest and help you make this transaction as smooth as possible.

If you need to sell a home in San Diego County or Imperial County please contact us.

The Best Things San Diego Has To Offer (Images)

As I’ve mentioned before, I think San Diego is a great place to live in. Here are some of the Best Things San Diego has to offer, in pictures:

1. The amazing beaches:
The Best Things San Diego Has To Offer

2. Exploring our long coastline
The Best Things San Diego Has To Offer

3. Endless summer days by the pool.

4. Walking the dog.
Walking the dog

5. Going surfing with the dog.
Going surfing with the dog

6. Our floating naval museums.
Floating naval museums

7. The view from my balcony
The view from balcony

8. Our amazing local microbrews.

9. Our amazing food trucks
food truck

10. Watching the Padres at Petco Park
Padres at Petco Park

11. Catching a game at Qualcomm Stadium (R.I.P. Chargers)
Qualcomm Stadium

12. Incredible harbor views
Harbor views

13. Even more incredible harbor views from your downtown condo
Even more harbor views

14. Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego

15. Our incredible sunsets
Incredible sunsets


Photo sources, Alex, Vanessa,

Why we switched to a 100% real estate brokerage

The short answer?

Because we were tired of losing good agents to firms that were offering them higher commission splits.

The long answer?

The real estate industry has changed and is continuing to change. Customers expect more for less. As a result agents want to earn more money and giving them an opportunity to do that is huge for many agents. If we can help agents put more money back into their pocket it will give them more money to invest back into their business. My only regret is that we didn’t make this change sooner.

CONTACT US if you’re looking for a great career option in San Diego California.

Let’s go into a more detail about the long answer because it’s important to understand why we made this change and how we can justify it.

A short history lesson…

15 years ago, we had an office with over 100 agents. It was expected that agents had offices and assigned cubicles to work in. We couldn’t force agents to be in the office but we expected them to be there or out working and creating new business. As a result it was also fairly standard to collect 20-25% of an agents commission on every deal they closed.

Those days are long gone and if there is one thing I have learned in the last few years is that you have to embrace change and accept what is happening around you because we risk being left behind if we don’t. Even with these changes we still may be left behind. There is no doubt in my mind that if someone could figure out how to create an Uber / Lyft like process for buying and selling real estate it would have already been done. The issue is that a real estate transaction can be very complex. There are definitely companies out there offering their services at a discounted rate and that is common when we’re in a strong sellers market like we are currently in.

Why we switched to a 100% real estate brokerage

Fast forward to 2016, we would occasionally lose a good agent who was offered more money. Now we have an option to keep them. We have an option for them to earn 100% of their commission if they choose to pay $3,000 for the year. Would I like to make 20-25% on every closing? YOU BET but it’s not possible. When an agent gets to a point where they can handle 98% of a transaction on their own it makes sense for us to offer them an option to earn 100% commission.

What makes us different from other 100% commission brokerages? REAL SUPPORT

We still offer amazing support. Real support, face to face in house support. The type of support that allows you to come in and meet with myself or Carlos, our office manager with more than 40 years of experience. You don’t have to send an email to some random email address and hope that someone responds to you in 2-3 days. Agents can always meet with us face to face or pick up a phone and call us!

You can always meet with us face to face or pick up a phone and call us!

The one thing that I still hear agents tell me on a regular basis is that they occasionally need someone to help them with an issue and we’re going to be here to help you.

What else makes Axia Real Estate Group unique?

We offer one on one mentoring for new agents. You will have an opportunity to get all of the support you need if you’re new to the business. Do we pay you 100%? No, we don’t. We don’t have an issue answering questions and giving you guidance but the guidance that a new agent needs compared to an experienced agent is much different. We are going to give new agents an opportunity to graduate to earning 100% once they can handle most of a transaction on their own.Why we switched to a 100% real estate brokerage

Our goal is to grow to about 150 agents in San Diego, Imperial & Riverside County. Having a 1,000 agents would be great but that is not my goal. I want to focus more on quality agents and if you’re interested in talking I would love to meet with you.

Quick summary of additional benefits we offer to all agents


We offer a lot more and if you would like to talk or meet for a few minutes I would love the opportunity to meet with you. It never hurts to explore all of your options!

Contact Us to learn more about earning 100% of your real estate commissions.

San Diego Real Estate News – Popular Articles

Looking to Purchase a Home in San Diego? We can help. Please CONTACT US

This website focuses on San Diego Real Estate news and what is happening in the local market. I was recently reminded of an old article and it got me thinking about all of our older articles and what has been the most popular articles we have written. Here is a list of some of my favorite and most popular.

Downtown San Diego Real Estate – The downtown market is a big area that we spend a lot of time focused on. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the downtown San Diego area we are here to help and this website will always post updates about what is happening in the Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market.

What does $400,000 buy you in San Diego County? These articles are always fun to create and very popular. It gives you a great opportunity to track the market and see what has happened. This article focused on what you could buy with about $400,000 and was written a couple years ago.

What does $700,000 buy you in San Diego? Here is a recent article written in the last couple weeks about what you can purchase with $700,000. The market is always changing and these articles are good to write and use to track the market.

Remember to Contact Us if you’re looking to buy or sell San Diego real estate

San Diego Renovation Home Loan – These are popular and not enough people are away that you can do a conventional or FHA renovation loan that will allow you to finance the cost of repairs and improvements. This can be an excellent way to increase the equity in any home you purchase as your primary residence.

Lazy Real Estate Agents

Lazy Real Estate Agents! – Pretty self explanatory. I know we are not supposed to speak badly of our fellow Realtors but this article from July 2013 was well worth the post. I had to write about it although I did leave the real estate agents information out. If you’re too lazy to have professional photos taken or to even get out of your car to take a photo then you should find another career. This agent had the nerve to take the primary photo of the home they were selling from the inside of their car.


Looking for a Career in Real Estate? – Check out what Axia Real Estate has to offer. San Diego Real Estate Careers

Affordable Homes For Sale in San Diego
Looking to Purchase a Home in San Diego? We can help. Please CONTACT US

Affordable Homes For Sale in San Diego

Looking to Purchase a Home in San Diego? We can help. Please CONTACT US

UPDATE: Please contact us for updated searches of affordable homes in San Diego.

Last week I discussed what homes you can purchase in San Diego for about $700,000. This week I want to share some examples of Affordable Homes For Sale in San Diego County.

Affordable housing looks different in every part of the country. Unfortunately we don’t have the same purchasing power here in San Diego as you might have in Texas or Florida but let’s quickly look at a few options.

Spring Valley Condo For Sale – If you are willing to purchase a condo in the Spring Valley area which is about a 15 minute drive from downtown San Diego here is a lovely 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,050 square foot condo listed for $240,000. Not all complexes are VA approved but it’s certainly possible to find some nice options at a reasonable price.

affordable homes for sale in san diegoSan Diego Home For Sale Option – If you’re looking for a home here is the smallest home currently for sale in the city of San Diego that would qualify for financing. It’s located in City Heights, about a 5-10 minute drive from Downtown San Diego. This home is features 1 bedroom, 1 bath and 380 square feet for $339,000.

The reality is that most people will require a home that is larger than 380 square feet. If you’re willing to live a little further outside of the city there are some excellent options in El Cajon, Escondido, Oceanside and Chula Vista.

affordable homes for sale in san diegoNorth Escondido Home For Sale – Here is a nice home for sale in Escondido priced at $425,000. This home features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths with 1496 square feet.

Oceanside Home For Sale – To give you an idea of location it is located about 40 minutes from Downtown San Diego but if you’re unfamiliar to the area this is not a big deal. Many people who live up in North County rarely come south. You will find a lot of people are able to work and commute in the area they live in and avoid long work commutes. This home in Oceanside is priced at $425,000, it features 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1,488 square feet and a 2 car garage.

affordable homes for sale in san diego

Chula Vista Home For Sale – Here is one of the newest and lowest priced homes currently for sale in Chula Vista. This home features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1,410 square feet and a 2 car garage. Priced at $459,900.

Mission Valley Condo For Sale – One of my favorite areas in San Diego that I think is a great long term investment and will always be in demand if you need to rent is Mission Valley. You can still find a few VA and FHA approved condo options for sale. This condo is currently for sale in Mission Valley, it features 1 bedroom, 1 bath & 530 square feet. It is listed for sale at $279,900.

These are 4 examples of homes that would be considered affordable first time home buyer opportunities in San Diego. If you’re interested in learning more about the home buying process or need assistance buying or selling real estate in San Diego please contact us.

Filed under, Affordable Homes For Sale in San Diego

Also, if you’re a real estate agent looking for a real estate career in San Diego please contact us.

27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

MOVING? Contact Us if you’re looking to buy a home in the San Diego area. Be sure to visit our relocation guide.

27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego – There are a million reasons why we think San Diego is the greatest place on Earth. Here’s the first 27 reasons why San Diego is a great place to live! We think it’s a fantastic city but I would love to hear from you if we missed something. Please leave a comment below.

  1. The Weather – Any list about why San Diego is great is obviously going to have “awesome weather” at the top. Being a city on the coast, the climate in San Diego can be best described as “nice out today” for much of the year. There are no blizzards or heavy snowfalls to deal with in the winter and it doesn’t get as hot as Phoenix or LA in the summer.
  2. Beaches – Coming a close second to the excellent weather are our world-class beaches. San Diego is famous for its many diverse beaches, from the long sandy shores of Coronado to the craggy coastline of La Jolla Cove and everything in between. Encinitas in San Diego’s North County is a surfer’s paradise, Ocean Beach is a throwback to the hippie era of the 60’s and the party never stops along the boardwalk at Pacific Beach. Living in San Diego is like a vacation that never ends.
  3. Reasons Why San Diego Is a Great Place to LiveThe Food – A foodie’s paradise, San Diego offers hungry diners delicious delicacies from all corners of the world. Whether you’re on the prowl for authentic Mexican style burritos at midnight, or in the mood for some fine dining at Michelin Star rated fine-dining establishments, you’ll find it here. Imagine eating freshly caught seafood at a beachfront restaurant or sampling one of everything at an authentic Italian trattoria in Little Italy – San Diego has you covered!
  4. Jobs – If you’re worried about your employment prospects (and who isn’t these days?), you’ll be happy to learn that San Diego’s local job market is very hot right now. We all know the economy goes through boom-bust cycles every 10 years or so. San Diego’s local economy stays strong thanks to a strong presence of the defense, telecom, biotech and healthcare sectors. Whatever is happening in the rest of the country, you can bet your bottom dollar that companies are always on the lookout for top-talent in San Diego.

    27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

  5. A Booming Life Sciences Industry – San Diego is a major hub for biotech research and development in the world. According to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCooper, two dozen (mostly biotech) companies in san Diego received around $230 million in venture capital funding in just the third quarter of last year. That figure is expected to grow in the future. On the back of the success of the biotech sector other high tech industries such as software, robotics and digital design are looking to gain a foothold in San Diego.
  6. San Diego Craft Beer – This could be listed as one of the driving forces to the local economy. The craft beer scene in San Diego is unlike anything else in the world. With more than 100 independent craft beer companies San Diego is a great place to enjoy craft beer. You can visit some of the local tasting rooms or even enjoy a beer tasting tour that has become a popular thing to do.
  7. Rent and Mortgages Are (Somewhat) Affordable – Unlike other major California metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or the Bay Area, San Diego is actually affordable to renters and first time home buyers. I know it doesn’t seem that way especially when you compare San Diego to other cities outside of the state. Rent and mortgages can be had for less than $2,000 a month. We can help you find the home of your dreams that is in your price range! Just drop us a message via the contact form on our website and we will get back to you ASAP. It’s hard to imagine but we did recently help someone purchase a nice condo for less than what they were paying in rent. It’s possible to own if you’re on a budget. Be sure to check out our list of San Diego communities.

    San Diego is also known as America’s Finest City!

  8. Love to play Golf? – Do you love to play Golf? With the year round weather San Diego is the place to enjoy golf throughout the year. You have the option of playing at US Open course such as Torrey Pines which is an amazing course open to the public. It’s expensive but residents receive a discount. San Diego County has close to 100 golf courses in the area which gives you plenty of opportunities to get out and perfect your game.
  9. A Growing Population of Young Professionals – Contrary to popular belief, San Diego is home to more than just retirees and armed forces members. For two consecutive years the city has seen an above-average growth in the arrival of young professionals aged between 25 and 34, who are attracted here by excellent schools, housing, infrastructure, job prospects and recreational opportunities. It is this influx of educated and talented young people that keeps San Diego competitive, exciting and forward looking.

    It’s Easy to Understand Why We Love Living in San Diego

  10. Great Central Location – San Diego is a gateway between California, Nevada and our neighbor to the south, offering residents plenty of opportunities to just pack up and travel to new and exciting areas on a whim. Whether you’re looking to explore the Baja California Peninsula, go on a road trip to LA or Orange County or hit the bright lights of Las Vegas, they’re all in close proximity to San Diego. Also, as a port city San Diego is a gateway hub for cruise liners sailing to Hawaii and other Pacific Countries.
  11. Easy Access to Mexico – Thanks to the opening of the 46-lane San Ysidro Border Crossing it has never been easier to visit our neighbor to the south. The San Diego Tijuana land border crossings are already the busiest in the world and is set to expand in the future. What does this mean for the average San Diego citizen? They can make day trips to Tijuana and be back in time for supper! You also have easy access to the Tijuana airport with the CBX border crossing. It’s never been easier or more affordable to visit Mexico.
  12. A Safer City – Thanks to a new compensation plan and operational changes for first responders, San Diego cut 911 wait times in half in 2016. The city’s emergency wait times reached an all-time low of 7.03 seconds from 15.38 seconds the previous year, making us all a lot safer.

    We Can San Diego Has Incredible Weather Year Round

  13. Free Wi-Fi as Far as the Eye Can See – While this may not seem like a big deal for some, it has been a huge boon for visitors in Balboa Park. Thanks to a grant from the James Irvine Foundation, Balboa Park now has free public Wi-Fi covering some 250 acres from the parking lot in the Zoo to Spreckels Organ Pavilion and beyond.
  14. Not One but TWO Floating Ship Museums – We love our floating military museums in San Diego so much we’re adding a second one The USS Recruit (currently landlocked and undergoing renovation at Liberty Station in Point Loma) will join the USS Midway as San Diego’s second floating maritime museum.
  15. Petco Park – Regardless of how good the Padres do in any given year, Petco Park is a local institution. Located in the heart of Downtown San Diego Petco Park does more than just host baseball games – it truly comes alive in the off-season with a cornucopia of concerts and events for the whole family. The venerable stadium has seen it all: concerts by stars ranging from Paul McCartney to Taylor Swift, an annual winter wonderland exhibition, incredible light and firework displays, and so much more. If there’s something big and exciting happening in San Diego chances are it’s at Petco Park.

    San Diego Has Incredible Weather Year Round

  16. Dog Friendly – San Diego is listed as one of the best cities to have a dog. We love our furry friends and they also love the climate. San Diego has some amazing dog parks and beaches. Fiesta Island for example has acres and acres of park and coastline for your dogs to enjoy.Reasons Why San Diego Is a Great Place to Live
  17. Endless Opportunities for Family Fun – There’s no shortage of family friendly attractions throughout the city. San Diego Zoo is commonly heralded as one of the best zoos in the world, with just about every animal you can think of (and a few you can’t)! There’s also The San Diego Safari Park where visitors can roam around giant enclosures housing rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and other magnificent beasts of the wild. Legoland California located in Carlsbad is another perennial attraction, with over 1.4 million visitors per year – it even has its own Lego themed waterpark! You can also enjoy a day at Sea World which is always fun for the entire family.

    San Diego  is Family Friendly!

  18. Urban Parks – Nothing says hip young city like empty vacant lots being reclaimed as urban parks. San Diego city officials have embraced the urban parks trend by repurposing areas that would otherwise have sat vacant and turning them into public spaces that everyone can enjoy. Some examples of urban parks in San Diego include the new County Administration Center Waterfront Park, Smarts Farm in the Makers Quarter, Lane Field Park and a 5,000 square foot dog park at Quartyard.
  19. The Gaslamp Quarter – Another local institution, the Gaslamp is a stretch of downtown San Diego known for its many bars and restaurants. Close to Petco Park, this is where all the fans go to celebrate (or fume over) after the big game. From chic rooftop bars to hip basement clubs, the party never ends at the Gaslamp Quarter.
  20. An Environmentally Conscious City – Bucking the growing trend of sticking one’s head in the sand and pretending global warming isn’t real, San Diego city officials have taken the courageous approach of tackling climate change head on. San Diego city officials have started releasing an annual Climate Action Plan report, with the aim of cutting greenhouse emissions in half by 2035. Things are looking up! The most recent report has shown that the city has already reduced emissions by 17 percent since 2010 and is set to reach their goal of half emissions in 2025, a decade ahead of the initial plan.

    27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

  21. Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy – In an effort to promote healthier eating in kids, 12 school districts in San Diego County have joined the California Thursdays program, which serves school lunches from locally grown ingredients. This program aims to introduce kids to the health benefits of eating fresh produce, support local farms and reduce the school’s carbon footprint.
  22. Del Mar RacetrackThe Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, “where the turf meets the surf!” Del Mar hosted the Breeders Cup this year and the Summer Season is always a great party by the beach. In addition to the race seasons, the track is used for the San Diego County Fair and hosts many events throughout the year.
  23. Whales and Dolphins – Everyone loves whales and dolphins, and there are plenty of opportunities to get up close to our aquatic mammalian friends in the summer. Boat trips are available to see local dolphin populations frolic around or go watch great blue whales migrate from Alaska to Mexico.

    Be Sure to View our Free Relocation Guide for San Diego

  24. San Diego Comic-Con – San Diego is forever etched in geek culture as the home of the world famous San Diego Comic Con, an annual event that brings together the worlds of comics, TV, video games, collectibles and movies into one massive event held at the San Diego Convention Center.
  25. Public Transportation – The trolley system is not as good as other cities but San Diego has come a long way. The trolley is in the middle of another expansion. For someone who lives in the core of San Diego the trolley is a great method of transportation for local sporting events.
  26. Carlsbad Flower Fields – every spring from March to April the fields at Carlsbad Ranch explode in a riot of reds and yellows and pinks thanks to the growth of Tecolote® Giant Ranunculus flowers. Over 50 acres are covered with flowers of all kinds (mostly ranunculus) to create an impressive tableau that attracts visitors from all over the world.

    San Diego Has Incredible Weather Year Round

  27. Farmers’ Markets – Every Tuesday to Sunday you will find local farmers’ markets operating in various neighborhoods across the city, each with their own local flavor and specialties. From the cured meats and espressos of Little Italy’s Mercato to the hip food trucks of North park and Hillcrest and the llama rides and live bands of Ocean Beach, there’s a little something for everyone at San Diego’s farmers’ markets.

What else do you love about living in San Diego? Please leave a comment and let us know. As always, if you’re looking to purchase or sell a home in San Diego please contact us.

What does $700,000 buy you in San Diego?

Buy or Sell real estate in San Diego

Looking to buy or sell real estate in San Diego? CONTACT US

Real estate is expensive, we all know that. Are we peaking? Hard to say. Rates are still low and as long as we don’t have a nuclear war things should remain fairly stable. We may have a market that is peaking much like it did 10 years ago but there are many things that are different that make this a stronger market.

What is the biggest difference today compared to 10 years ago? We don’t have LIAR LOANS aka stated income loans anymore. There are a couple stated income loans available but they usually require a minimum of 30% equity / down payment. Because everyone who has purchased a home in the past 8-10 years has had to use real income we have a much better foundation.

I get side tracked easily and the reason you came here was to see what you can buy for $700,000 in San Diego so let’s take a look.

Right now as I write this there are currently 550 homes for sale priced between $675,000 & $725,000 in San Diego County.

The largest of these homes is a 4,000 sf home listed for sale at $719,000. If you’re not familiar with Ramona it’s about a 45-1 hour drive from Downtown San Diego.

Speaking of Downtown San Diego, there are currently 27 listings for sale Downtown between $675-725,000. For $699,000 you can purchase a really cool 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo overlooking Petco park. This condo is located in the East Village which is a fun hip place to be in San Diego right now.

If you want to head about 20 minutes North of Downtown San Diego, you can purchase a townhouse in Carmel Valley which is just East of Del Mar. For $699,000 you can purchase a 3 bedroom town home with 1,432 sf. Carmel Valley has excellent public schools. It’s a great place to raise a family. I am a little bias because I grew up in Carmel Valley.

These are just 3 listings in San Diego. If you’re looking for the most expensive home currently for sale. You can purchase a 9 bedroom home sitting on 210 acres for $85,000,000. This home is located in Rancho Santa Fe. One of the most exclusive places to live in the United States.

Remember, if you’re looking to buy or sell in San Diego County please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Real estate agents earning 100% commission? Good? Bad?

CONTACT US if you’re looking for a great career option in San Diego California.

Real estate agents earning 100% commission? Good? Bad?

Does it make sense for you to work with a 100% real estate broker? Will it help your real estate career?

There are many types of agents and many ways for you to be a successful real estate agent but there may only be two things to consider when you’re thinking about working with a 100% real estate broker.

Are you given the business or do you create the business? Two scenarios.

Agent A, currently works with a real estate brokerage that feeds them leads and the majority of their income is a result of the leads they are given. If you fall into this category then stay where you are at because you’re likely doing well and have a good thing going. Yes, you earn a lower split but you are receiving leads. There is a cost your broker is absorbing to create those leads.

Agent B, you create your own business. You close real estate transactions every month as a result of the efforts you are making. If you fall into this category of being the rainmaker and creating your own business then why are you paying your broker 10-30% of your commission? Ask yourself what value you are receiving in return. It should be significant because if you’re a successful agent you could be paying $15-30,000 or more per year to your broker.

I can’t speak for other brokerages that offer agents 100% commission options but I can tell you what makes Axia Real Estate Group unique.

Yes, we offer agents an option to pay $3,000 per year. This gives an experienced agent more money to work with and invest back in their business. We also offer a lot more in addition which you can read in more detail below. Also I was recently reminded of an agent who came in after a closing. She was so thankful for the additional support as you can see below.

Just recently one of our agents came to us, she was almost in tears and so thankful for our help. She had to deal with a medical issue and she couldn’t thank us enough for stepping in to help get the transaction closed.

TRADITIONAL COMMISSIONS – They still exist with us. Why? Because we work with new agents and provide them one on one mentoring. We also have agents that may only do a few deals per year. They can pay a flat fee per closing or take a traditional commission option.

REAL SUPPORT – We offer real in house broker support. We pride ourselves on being available for all agents. No matter how much experience you have you are going to have questions on a transaction. We will be here to work with you face to face to make sure you get the support you deserve. There is a reason we have been doing this for 40 years and have over a billion dollars in sales. We know what it takes to be successful.

A REAL OFFICE – We don’t work out of a PO BOX, we have a real office to work in. A fantastic office to work in if you need it. More and more agents are working from home offices but if you need a place to work, a private office or a cubicle we have you covered. Pop in or come in every day. The option is yours.

A PLACE TO MEET CLIENTS – In addition to the office, you can use any of our conference rooms to meet with clients. You don’t always have to meet them at Starbucks or a property. If you want to use a conference room you can always add your appointment to the conference room calendar.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – All agents have access to work with our virtual assistants. They can help you do a variety of tasks related to marketing, social media and creating new business.

TRAINING – In addition to one on one mentoring we do weekly training sessions here in the office. Even if you’re not working with us YET you are welcome to join us at any of our training sessions or office meetings. We cover a wide range of topics from contract updates to SEO or social media marketing.

VIDEO MARKETING – We can help you create personal branding videos similar to the one here we made for one of our agents. We offer video marketing to all agents. Use our experience and tools to help you stand out from your competition.

WEBSITES – We provide agents with custom SEO friendly websites that are very friendly with search engines. Take advantage of our experience and use a website to create an internet presence for yourself and with some effort you can start to create more business.

We offer a lot more and if you would like to talk or meet for a few minutes I would love the opportunity to meet with you.

If you’re a real estate agent who would like to start earning more money and also receive great support and work in a great atmosphere CONTACT US today.

100% Commission Real Estate Broker San Diego

100% Commission Splits For Real Estate Agents | 100% Commission Real Estate Broker San Diego

We are making a few changes and one of those is that we now have an option for real estate agents and broker associates to earn 100% of their real estate commissions.

We have some new commission options for real estate agents. In addition to using Axia Real Estate Group as our primary brand moving forward we have some new commission options. I’ll get right to the point and share those with you below and go in to detail below about what we will continue to offer.

If you would like more information please email me or fill out the form here so we can talk to you about joining our team.

Here are even more benefits you get working with us:

  • MLS ready, SEO friendly real estate websites with YOUR BRANDING ( is one example) These will create leads for you. Can you current broker say they provide a site that generates leads? As long as it meets Cal BRE Guidelines we will help you create your own personalized marketing.

  • 3 Commission Options (100% Commission Splits For Real Estate Agents)

    #1 $3,000 Year / $150 E&O Per file
    #2 $495 / Transaction + $495 Per Year / $150 E&O Per file
    #3 Traditional 85% Split / $150 E&O Per File
  • Centrally located San Diego office-space to work in at no cost

  • We’ll help you create your own branch and brand identity (Google “Dean Aguilar Group” – one of our success stories)

  • Video marketing to showcase properties and attract new business

  • In house broker / office manager available for all your needs

  • Weekly training sessions where we focus on marketing and the technical aspects of closing contracts

Imagine taking the money paid in franchise fees and commission splits and investing that money back into your business?

Looking to Earn 100% of Your Commission with Amazing Support? CONTACT US

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION about working with Axia Real Estate Group

Lead by Alex Aguilar, Axia Real Estate Group is a San Diego real estate company founded in 2007. Ever since Alex obtained his California real estate license in 2002, Alex has been active in managing the office and has played a central role in growing Axia Real Estate Group to its current market position.

Alex’s father Carlos Aguilar, while not looking after the day to day running of the company, maintains an active presence in the office. Licensed in 1976, Carlos is one of most experienced Realtors in San Diego, having accumulated several decades’ worth of knowledge and experience of the local real estate market.

Carlos remains a tremendous asset to the company and all of the agents still rely on his guidance and advice.

Our goal for Axia Real Estate Group is to aggressively expand our operations in and around San Diego, and we are looking for quality people to help us achieve that. We have a unique recruitment process that emphasizes hiring agents with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. We believe maintaining good office chemistry is essential to our success, and go out of our way to create a congenial, supportive and fun work environment. All of our agents and office staff at Axia Real Estate Group actually enjoy coming to work!

What we offer…

Quality leads – Many brokerages claim to offer leads but we really do provide solid leads to our agents. We do a tremendous amount of marketing and create a lot of internet leads. These are distributed to agents who choose to take leads and can be an excellent way to quickly jump start your business. Leads are paid at a lower split but compared to other brokerages it is a very fair and competitive commission split.

Building your business – Whether you’re an experienced agent or a newcomer to the business, Alex will work with you on a daily / weekly basis. This is his primary responsibility. When you join Axia you will work with Alex to start building an effective business plan tailor-made for you. We understand that every agent is different and what works for one agent may not work for another. After the initial business plan meeting you will have a good list of ideas and tasks to start working on. Alex will be integral in helping you implement these ideas. He could talk or meet with you daily or weekly – the decision is yours. It is expected that newer agents will take part in daily meetings while more experienced agents may choose to meet weekly. Ultimately the decision is yours.

Free agent website – Yes we know that just about every brokerage offers a website, but there is a big difference in what we offer. Our main company website,, gets 15,000-20,000 unique visitors every month. We will provide you a copy of this website on the domain of your choosing – your domain, our website. We will discuss how to choose the right domain, how to run your site and how to maintain an effective web presence in greater detail during our weekly/daily meetings. You will have a copy of the website that will allow you to add / delete pages, edit text, write daily blog updates and have clients use to search the MLS.

This is an SEO (search engine optimization) friendly website, meaning you will have good visibility in all the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.). We will show you exactly what you need to do to start building your own organic SEO traffic.

While it is ultimately your responsibility to maintain your site, we can guarantee that no other brokerage will be willing to give you a custom-made SEO friendly website that has the ability to generate traffic / business at no additional cost. We also understand some agents may not want to do a lot of this work. We can provide the option of using one of our assistants in the office to do much of the leg work and handle the technical aspects of running the site.

  • Complete office facilities – we have all the tools you need to succeed. Our main office is conveniently located in Mission Valley and offers workstations, computers, 2 conference rooms, high speed internet, wi-fi, fax, scanner, printer, copier and onsite technical support. All of these tools are available to you at no cost.
  • Flexible working hours – come and go as you please! We have no set working hours. We do not require floor time and WE DO NOT micromanage our agents. We will push you if you want to be pushed but that is up to you. Some agents like to be left alone and some will want to be held accountable. This will be taken into consideration at our initial meeting when you join our team.
  • Personal branding – want to use your own name to market yourself? Many brokerages won’t allow you as they want you to only market their brand and image. We are flexible, as long as you register your own DBA and maintain all compliance requirements you are free to create a personal brand.
  • Office meetings – We don’t hold meetings for the sake of repeating the same old topic every week. We realize our agents’ time is valuable and only hold office meetings when we feel like they will directly benefit them.
  • Work from home – Would you rather work from the comfort of your home-office? You are free to do so when working for Team Aguilar. Drop in to use the office-facilities whenever you feel like it! We always encourage agents to be in the office. It certainly helps and create great energy so stop by whenever you want and enjoy a Keurig cup of coffee or tea!
  • Training / networking sessions – we believe that you never stop learning, and we will do everything needed for our Realtors to become even more productive and successful at closing deals. We typically hold a weekly networking / training session and encourage your attendance. In addition, we provide mentoring for new agents, provide you access to many online training courses and classroom marketing / education sessions.
  • No experience? No problem – As mentioned above, we will work with new agents. The key is having the right attitude and a willingness to learn. As long as you bring a positive attitude and willingness to learn we will consider training and mentoring you. We have trained many new agents who have gone on to become extremely successful Realtors.
  • We really believe that we are as competitive if not more competitive than any other brokerage. We are independently owned, which allows us to be more flexible and quickly adjust to changing market trends. Thanks to our access and use of technology, we are able to create a large internet presence that rivals all of the large brokerages.
  • Our recommendation for all agents is to get out there and talk to multiple offices to make sure you get a good vibe from the office you are thinking of attending. Contact us if you would like to talk, after our initial conversation we will invite you to several of our training sessions or meetings so you can get a better idea of what are office is like. Also feel free to contact any of our agents and ask them how they like working with Axia.
  • Conclusion – The bottom line is that your success will depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put in to building your business. We provide the guidance, tools, training and support for all of our agents to succeed in this business – the rest is up to YOU.

Contact us to learn more about working with us and our 100% Commission Options


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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in San Diego County

We are experiencing a strong real estate market right now with many great investment opportunities out there – but you have be proactive and seek them out. To get a leg up on the competition you must think outside the box and be willing to do what other property investors are not.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities in San Diego County

One such example is buying the ugliest home on the block and improving it. Not only can you find such homes at bargain prices, you can greatly improve their resale value with minimal investment on your part. Another option is buying a 2 bedroom / 1 bath home and then adding 700 square feet and an extra bedroom and bathroom. Turning a 2 bed / 1 bath home into a 3 bed / 2 bath means you are creating equity on your property instead of just sitting back and hoping the price goes up – something every investor should strongly consider.

In a hot real estate market there is no shortage of investors looking to make a quick buck, but few are willing to go the extra mile and add additional square footage to an existing property to significantly increase its resale value.

We are happy to show you real-world examples of this and work with you to find these types of opportunities. Below are two such examples from recent projects. As always please keep us in mind for all of your real estate needs and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or have a question.

Search All Homes For Sale in San Diego County