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Alpine is a hidden gem located about 30 miles East of El CajonAlpine is a unique area of San Diego that has all the amenities of a large city but with a small town feel. Alpine is at the foot of the Cuyamaca Mountains and is famous for the surrounding apple orchards. The population of Alpine is sitting around 17,000 but rising as more and more people are falling in love with the region. It’s only a short commute and you are in Downtown San Diego and right next door to the Cleveland National Forest.

For a town that started out in the 1800s as an Indian settlement, Alpine has grown into one of the most desirable locations in San Diego. It is famous for its near-perfect weather, country attitude, and growing economy. There is a very low crime rate and a school system that is highly praised by San Diego officials.

Alpine has many different options for the potential property owner. There are gated communities, neighborhoods with a down-home feel, and all the investment properties you could imagine. With the Viejas Casino nearby, there are many hotels springing up to accommodate the ever-increasing visitors.

Alpine is home to the famous Viejas Casino. This casino brings the luxury of Las Vegas to your backyard and is a top destination for many famous people. The Viejas Casino has many different concerts throughout the year and always has its famous buffets. You are sure to find something entertaining if you visit the Viejas Casino in Alpine.

There is much more to do in Alpine than visit a casino, however. There is a wildlife preserve that attracts many different kinds of butterfly and is well known to butterfly lovers. There are interesting tea shops, bed, and breakfasts, and a yearly novelty dog shows that many people enjoy.

Alpine is located within the county of San Diego, it’s a drive of approximately 40 minutes to Downtown San Diego.

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