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As with all types of financing, when you’re in need of a loan, you want to work with a professional who not only understands and cares about what you want to do, but also someone who has a wealth of knowledge in their field. At Team Aguilar, our professionals exemplify these character traits.

Between our commercial team leaders, Carlos Aguilar and Jerry Trublood combine to having over 60 years of commercial lending experience. They have worked on deals all over the country, and in Mexico and Panama. They’ve experienced the entire spectrum of market conditions, and have satisfied thousands of clients and their commercial financing needs. Rely on people who know the business inside and out.Contact Team Aguilar today to find the commercial loan you are looking for.


Team Aguilar’s commercial lending division is run and operated by Carlos Aguilar, Carlos and his team have direct access to some of the most aggressive loan programs available. Through the 30 + years that Carlos has been in commercial lending he has been able to build relationships that have given him access to some of the most aggressive lending sources in the country. Has direct access to the most aggressive commercial real estate loan lending sources in the country.


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  1. Carlos,
    We have many sources for commercial lending. We can lend up to 10 billion for businesses and real estate developments.

  2. How the growth in commercial paper and junk bonds has affected commercial lending and yield spread at banks…?can anyone have clear address of my query….!!!!thanks in advance..

  3. I feature finished residential mortgages in the past, and would same to get into Commercialized give brokering. If I could ascertain some inexpensive materials that would thatch me how to evaluate a word or put unitedly a bundle, etc…it would be large.

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