Options to Avoid Foreclosure

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When you are facing a difficult situation and feel that you may not be able to keep making your mortgage payments you need to act quickly. Here are some of your options to avoid foreclosure. Many people do not fully understand the foreclosure process and do not realize that banks do not want to be in the business of owning real estate. They are more likely to work with you and try to work something out instead of taking your home.

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What Are Your Options to Avoid Foreclosure?

Some of your options to avoid foreclosure,

  • Selling You Home
  • Negotiating a Forbearance
  • Doing a Short Sale
  • Refinance Your Home

We have an extensive list of short sale options in our sellers section if you would like to view all of your real estate short sale options.

Some real estate scams you need to be careful of, don’t sign anything and don’t allow anyone to tell you that they will help you out and take away your problems. The reality is that many people take advantage of people in a tough situation.

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We will be happy to provide you sound advice and discuss what you options are.

Update: November 2017 – We are experiencing a relatively healthy and stable real estate market but markets always correct themselves. We may not see anything as drastic as we saw in 2008-2010 but we will see some sort of adjustment. If you’re faced with a difficult situation make sure you know all of your options and contact us if we can help you.

If you came to this page looking for short sale and foreclosure listings you can visit our pages with updated listings. Short sale and foreclosure listings are way down as of November 2017 but we still have them listed on our website.

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