Documents Needed for a Real Estate Short Sale

Documents Needed For a Real Estate Short Sale. Here is a list of what you will need to start a short sale. If you’re looking to short sale your home in San Diego or Imperial County please contact us.

– Letter of Authorization (signed by seller)
– Letter of facts about the property
– Market analysis
– Photo’s (not the glamour shots)
– Copy of all showings with dates and feedback
– Copy of Listing Contract
– Copy of Purchase Contract (if applicable)
– Review letter of hardship
– Send to Loss Mitigation Department

– Two years tax returns with W’2s
– Three months bank statements
– Current monthly budget
– All mortgages with account numbers
– Any pending bankruptcy
– Hardship letter (make them cry)
– Last 30 days pay stubs (if applicable

We handle short sales in San Diego County. Call today to discuss your options and the possible ways to avoid foreclosure.

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Documents Needed for a Real Estate Short Sale

Although the real estate market is fairly stable as of 2017 the market will eventually go through another cycle like it did when I first wrote this article in 2008. I don’t expect that we will ever go through anything as bad as 2008 in our lifetime there will be a market for short sales. If you need a real estate short sale expert to help you please contact us.

4 thoughts on “Documents Needed for a Real Estate Short Sale”

  1. Evergreen Colorado Real Estate

    This is great information. With so many short salse – especially in our state of Colorado. Evergreen Colorado (where we are) is not hit so hard but the rest of Colorado is for sure. Thanks for the great info!

  2. Homes For Sale - Cape Cod

    I don’t know about San Diego, but in Cape Cod, MA, short sales are be done all over the place and investors are eating them up so they can just rent the homes out to tourists. BTW – nice post for those that are unfamiliar with the short sale.

  3. I have been looking for this short sale list, I totally forgot about Hardship letter needed by the seller. Thanks for the info !


  4. Breckenridge Real Estate

    This is great info that I could pass along to my clients that are interested in these short sales.

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