Great Condo – Bank Owned in Mission Valley San Diego Owned condo in the heart of Mission Valley right accross from Fashon Valley Mall. This is truely a one of a kind property that you must see! This property is in the Abbey complex in Mission Valley. Even though it is a condo it feels like it is a large single family home. It appears to have been several untis that were converted into 1 large unit. It has no common walls with any other units in the complex. It sits on a corner lot with a great view. Assessor says property is 2,480 SF condo with 5 bedrooms!

We sent our appraiser out to do a rough calculation of the square feet for this property and it appears to be 3,500+ square feet. Please review some of the information about what this property offers. Here is what I have complied to give you a better idea of how someone may look at this property if they were considering a purchase:

Master bedroom 17 x 16 = 272, Bedroom next to garage with window 13 x 12 = 156, Small room off the stairs 15 x 8 = 120, Small bedroom next to small room off the stairs 15 x 10 = 150, Large Bedroom upstairs on top floor 20 x 15 = 300, Main family room off 22 x 22 = 484, Main dining room off entry 12 x 12 = 144, Main kitchen 12 x 12 = 144, Additional living room next to main kitchen on 1st floor 17 x 12 = 204, Additional dining room next to living room on 1st floor 16 x 11 = 176, 2nd family room upstairs in small studio granny flat 22 x 19 = 418, Kitchen in granny flat 9 x 8 = 72, Total of Approximately 2,640 Square Feet.

In addition to this square footage, there are EASILY another 1,000 + square feet in bathrooms, closets, stairs, and hallways. This count 4 usable bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, 1 room that you walk through to get to other room that is optional room, 2 family rooms, 1 living room, 2 kitchens, 2 dinning rooms, 2 car garage. This is truly one of the most unique properties I have every seen. In addition this unit features a very large backyard with private spa, views of Mission Valley, Golf Course. It will need to have some upgrades including new carpet, paint, appliances. Appliances appear to be original.

We don’t know much about this property but from talking to other neighbors int he complex, it appears that many years ago the previous owner purchased both units in the building and had the city planning department remap the condo map to make it one large unit. That is why you have a very large unusual unit that features 2 kitchens, 2 separate entrances, 2 large living areas, 2 different decks and 1 large backyard that. Please feel free to view all of our current bank owned foreclosures by visiting our San Diego foreclosure information section.

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