Looking for a great home in La Mesa – 91941?

3414 Trophy La Mesa CA 91941

According to www.cyberhomes.com this property located at 3414 Trophy La Mesa CA 91941 is valued at $378,043. You can read a full report of the value of this property by going to the website and typing in the property address. One thing that Cyber Homes mentions is that the real estate market has declined over the last many months and you have to take into consideration that now may or may not be the best time to purchase. Let me give you my 2 cents on why this may be a good time to purchase.

What we are presently experiencing in the San Diego Real Estate Market is what many other counties in the country are experiencing. Huge declines in home prices! What will be the factor to stabilizing these home values? The value of real estate can only come down so much before several things start to happen. 1 being that people who are presently renting a home decide that they can make a sacrifice and actually afford to purchase instead of continuing to pay rent. 2 Investors feel that it’s within their investment guidelines and they start to purchase and suck up extra real estate inventory.

What we have seen in San Diego are huge drops in home prices which I feel have just about reached the bottom. We are starting to see home values level off and many investors and 1st time home buyers are jumping into the real estate market. This may or may not be the right home for you but it’s definitely a home worth looking at. It priced @ $299,000 and may be something that you can purchase, own for a few years and use the gained equity to buy a larger home. If you are an investor, this may be a perfect long term rental for you to consider.

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5 thoughts on “Looking for a great home in La Mesa – 91941?”

  1. If you were interested in the furniture we could definitely work something out. My clients purchased the furniture to stage the property so it would show better and I think it really did a nice job to make this home feel much more like a home. Depending on your clients offer and price I am sure that we could work on something for the furniture.

  2. Hello, i live in the uk and have never been to usa. I had no idea prices were this expensive. . is this a normal costing for this kind of house ?
    I think house prices in the UK are going to fall like a stone in water. Whats going on now is only the end of the begining.

  3. Investment Property

    This house is pretty amazing. I would love to have a house designed like that. Well furnished.

  4. Anders @ Shutters

    In response to Chloe. I also live in the UK, and you think this is expensive? I’d say it’s cheaper than the british equivalent. I reckon you’d pay around £250,000 for this in the UK (around $400,000).

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