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Short sales have been a large source of business and many real estate agents seem to be focusing on short sales. I thought it would make sense to have a directory of agents who focus on real estate short sales. We handle the entire County of San Diego so if you’re thinking of short selling your home please give us a call or send an email for a private consultation.

For other clients / agents looking for a short sale agent please refer to our list of Short Sale Agents in the real estate forum.

If you would like to join the list please visit the forum, register and add your name to the list under the forum post which you can find here at this link “List of Short Sale Real Estate Agents” Please post your information in your forum post and we will add you to the list.

If you focus on short sales in San Diego please feel free to join the list. This is meant to give people as many options as possible when they are looking for a short sale real estate agent.

Please remember to provide

State & City you provide services in.

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8 thoughts on “List of Short Sale Real Estate Agents”

  1. Hi great blog… I’m just curious i’m from England and the Average Price for a thre bedroom house is around £170k, is it similar in the USA with the whole refinance credit crunch?

  2. Southampton Letting Agent

    I too am from the UK, we specialise in Lettings in Southampton and are looking to go into the Estate Agent’s side of the business (even at the current state of the UK market) just wondered what ‘Short Sale’ actually means? thanks

  3. Short sales are simply when you contact the lender and request that they discount their loan so that the property can be sold at the amount offered by the buyer. Real Estate agents are usually working short sales to assist the seller in getting the house sold to the buyer that has submitted the offer that was less than the amount of the outstanding loan balances.

    Real estate investors however are usually the buyer, and will work the short sale so they can create equity by negotiating deep discounts and then flipping the property to an end buyer.

    If you are looking for a list of short sale spcialists in your area, I would recommend posting on any of the following forums…

    Im sure you will find ample resources on those sites for any real estate related question you may have.

  4. Curtis Reddehase

    I admire your willingness to these deals. I have agents in my office who pull their hair out over them

  5. i have been always interested with the real estate’s condition today, it seems like we could point our fingers to the deteriorating economy again, but it’s an exit strategy that homeowners are getting into…

  6. Francis Team - Las Vegas Short Sales

    Paul & Michelle Francis, CRS agents for Las Vegas short sales.

    Just closed a Summerlin short sale from start to finish in 45 days. Thanks!

  7. Hello. I am an agent from North Los Angeles County. San Fernando Valley to be exact. I have represented sellers and buyers in Short Sales. Too many agents get desperate and don’t seem to understand that Short Sale is a process in which there is an Investor or a 3rd Party involved which has to take the loss and release the servicer from the recourse. Please keep my information for future discussions. Thanks a lot and great job. This is an excellent board.

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