Feel Free to Run Away From Your Problems…At Least For the Weekend

Is anyone else in the doldrums these days? Can the news get any lousier and outlooks get any drearier? Don’t answer that. Well, I’m taking a stand. Right now, I’m taking a stand against everyone and everything that is trying with all their might to bring me down. I was having a tremendous year, a record-breaking all-time fun year and then the economy turned to hell, terrorist attacks ensued, family members were laid off from work, and a dear family friend just passed away. I understand as well as anyone about the highs and lows in life, and I accept what is going on in the world now as a very serious but necessary low. However, there’s only so much a man (or woman) can take. And I can’t take any more…at least right now. And what’s the greatest solution the world has ever known for getting one’s spirit’s back on top? Getting out of dodge.

Penni Crabtree, staff writer for the union Tribune had an article in today’s paper discussing the surge of travel deals being offered in an effort to “pry open reluctant wallets”. Crabtree got a quote from Rick Seaney, chief executive of Farecompare, a consumer airline ticket research website, who said, “Two months ago I wasn’t expecting to see this many travel sales, and we’re seeing prices 30 to 50 percent off what they were then. It borders on the crazy. Every Monday or Tuesday there is a spate of new airline fares that expire on Thursday and Friday evening, and the next Monday you see a whole new wave coming in.” If you’re anything like me, deals on flights bring to mind thoughts of VEGAS! But again, if you’re anything like me, getting to Vegas for cheap is one thing, but being frugal with your money when you’re there is another thing. But flights aren’t the only thing that are cheap right now.

I filled up my car the other day and was overjoyed to see it didn’t even reach the $22 mark. And one of the greatest things about San Diego is being able to drive to SO many different, amazing places. Need some ideas? (Cue my best Travel Channel Voice) A two hour journey from San Diego will get you to Joshua Tree where the hiking might not be the best, but it’s other-worldly terrain and life-changing sunset and sunrises make camping, especially in the winter, a perfect getaway for barely any money at all. Or what about renting a lodge in Idyllwild for the weekend?! Also only two hours away, you’d think you’d taken a trip to Colorado. Amidst thick forests of pine and granite peaks lies the quaint little artist town offering a constant smell of birch burning fire-places and chilly mornings are met with the scent of fresh coffee and maple bacon. Mmmmm, bacon. I’m heading there this weekend.

And now, a quick list of other road trips I’ve done and will consider taking again while gas prices are low and the news keeps dragging me through the dirt: 1) I’d go to San Francisco: an EASY 7 hours if you don’t run into LA traffic, and catch a show, any show at the Filmore. 2) Mammoth Mountain, an even easier 6 and a half hours (and much more scenic), make a couple turns on the mountain, get into a hot tub, and drink whiskey and cocoa. 3) Anza Borrego desert. Take your truck and go explore this vast desert and its canyons. And you can take your truck almost anywhere and sleep in it over-night. It’s cheap and tremendously fun and adventurous. 4) Head up the 101 and just see where your travels take you. If something looks fun, stop the car and do it. Those are always the best road trips anyway.

Or if you just want to stay in San Diego, you can get away here too. Check out the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy and learn about some of the amazing hikes there are around here that you had no clue even existed.  Go to the Santa Ysabel Open Space Preserve East near the Wild Animal Park, pack a lunch and forget your 401k’s in the toilet. I hear myself, believe me. I sound like a cheap travel writer. But if you can’t tell, I’m itchin to escape myself and writing about places I want to go is getting me excited. So let me leave you with this: I’m taking comfort in knowing that I’m far from the only one tired of hearing how “doomed” we are. I’m going to take any chance I can to go and enjoy myself. After-all we’ve still got it pretty good in this country. And even better, we live in San Diego. Safe travels.

8 thoughts on “Feel Free to Run Away From Your Problems…At Least For the Weekend”

  1. Dan @ Brandon Property Managers

    Yes I feel just like you do, sometimes you just need to run away and get away from realty for a while it will help keep you sane.

  2. Las Vegas Real Estate Agents

    The beautiful thing about living in the Southwest is all of the natural wonders that are within hours away (or even within one hour from Las Vegas such as Red Rock and Mt. Charleston)… My brief stint in Chicago made me realize just how good we have it.

    There is nothing like taking a road trip, clearing the mind and realizing just how insignificant all of the bad news is when you take in the “Big Picture”. Our four hour road trip to Southern Cal last week certainly helped out…

  3. Mike Pannell (Dallas Realtor)

    I agree Road Trip Time. The good thing is it is Christmas time and that means road trip time anyways.

  4. News has been rough for nearly the entire year. I think I caught myself before I reached depression 😉 and decided to stop searching Youtube.com and all the doom and gloom blogs for “dirty” details of what might to expect. I’ve found that most people don’t pay much attention to all of the details of what’s going on and that those people seem happier…it’s hard to stay away but the future seems brighter when I’m less informed 🙂

    Truly are many great places in and around the San Diego area of CA.

  5. I think you have the right idea. Get out of town and leave the craziness for a bit.

    I personally think 2009 will be better for us here in Pensacola Florida than last year. Not because the market is going to be any better, it’s because we are prepared for a rough year and have reduced overhead to cope.
    2008 was was was a year of adaptation for us; now we are ready.

    I wish everyone a prosperous new year!

  6. Rose @ Nature's Sunshine Blog

    I envy you, guys, because you can ride your cars and drive to any place you fancy. I’m rather buried under much, much work and all I could do to relax is to stretch my painful back on my soft mattress and sleep. In my dream, I tried visiting a beach or an island but even my subconscious mind is tied to work. However, I should be free by April. I think I can afford to have 2 blissful weeks of lazing around a beach resort… hmm… somewhere in San Diego? That would be heaven! 🙂

    Rose’s last blog post..Buy Chinese Herbs Direct

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