A Thought Or Two About A Thought Or Two About The Inauguration


There was a lull in the music and announcements and cheers, and the masses that had gathered in front of the Capital Building seemed to hold their breath all at once in anticipation of Barack Obama’s grand entrance. Unable to bear the “silence”, the restless crowd began chanting, “Obama! Obama! Obama!” And then, as he emerged from the dark hallway of the Capital and into the low light of the winter sun, a chill ran down my spine. What was it about this inauguration that meant so much? What is it about this man and that moment that called to the hearts and souls of millions in this country and around the world?

Well, there are all the obvious answers: Being the first African American elected President, being the antithesis of the eight years we’ve endured with George W. as our leader, being a man who seems to “get it”, and a man who we, as a nation, can be proud to lead us and represent us. But I think at the heart of this momentous occasion is the fact that for so long we had taken for granted just how good we had it as a nation. Our American ideals and high standards lay buried and rotting during these years of complaisance and it impeded on our ability to effectively address the problems of our rapidly changing world. And when the walls of our comfortable and sheltered existence began to crumble, we became paralyzed— unsure of ourselves, and unsure of our leaders. Barack Obama has shaken our country from this paralysis and has brought hope back into our hearts. But more than that, he has inspired our people to unite and work hard to “remake America” as he put it, into a new nation that represents what we the people wish it to represent. He has made this vision of a new America seem attainable in the face of dire circumstances. And he has come to power at a time when Americans seem ready to once again work for more than just themselves; a time when Americans want to right what’s been wrong with our country for too long. It was all of these things, jumbled together into one big glob of emotions that made this inauguration special and historic, and filled eyes with tears, and sent shivers down my spine.

It has been an inspiring few days in our Nation’s Capital. The speeches, the songs, the crowds were all truly special and will be remembered for years to come. But inspiration, like this inaugural celebration is fleeting. We cannot allow ourselves to get complaisant again simply because we have elected a new leader that we have faith in. We must use this historic inauguration as a springboard of momentum to work to better our country and our world. Obama has lit the spark under the nation, showing all of us that it is possible to reign in change. And in order to produce the change we seek, a great effort from us will be imperative. “What is required of us now is a new era of responsibility – a recognition, on the part of every American, that we have duties to ourselves, our nation, and the world, duties that we do not grudgingly accept but rather seize gladly, firm in the knowledge that there is nothing so satisfying to the spirit, so defining of our character, than giving our all to a difficult task. This is the price and the promise of citizenship.” So let us celebrate today the inauguration of a man who represents our longing for change; let us celebrate the fact that we live in a country where a person of racial minority can become president; let us celebrate the hope that has once again united our country. But come tomorrow, the celebration ends, and our work begins.

Andrew Brentan, Image courtesy of Shepard Fairey/Obey, Barack Obama campaign posters, 2008

8 thoughts on “A Thought Or Two About A Thought Or Two About The Inauguration”

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    You are so lucky over there to now have such an inspirational leader (in my opinion anyway) like Charles said he seems to care about his fellow Americans which really shows! I think we need someone like him over here, roll on the next election!!!

  2. Las Vegas Real Estate Agents

    Obama certainly has the power to be very inspirational and that is something we need so desperately.

    As for Bush… Well… I’ll remember him after the days of 9-11 and the speech he made at Ground Zero. For some reason… it seems as if everybody has forgotten about that… certainly because of the past three years.

    We certainly need someone to inspire the American People… and we certainly do not need to rely on the Government to solve our problems because history has shown that it just tends to get in the way of real recovery. The recent “stimulus” packages have certainly proven that.

    Let’s hope that Obama motivates the American People to do something such as being more in tune to what our elected officials are doing to make the Country stronger instead of sitting around and wasting taxpayers money. Half the problem is that we don’t even know who the leaders of Congress are and their roles… we just blame it all on Bush.

  3. We are truly lucky to have Barrack Obama in office. It seems that Bush really got our country in a bind. Positive change is on the horizon!

  4. This man was then the word of mouth worldwide since the globe is suffering from economic crisis which affects most countries. He is the insight that this could be twisted into the other way around. People wants total change. A change that would really put their life on what they are before. I hope that this man could bring this into reality.

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  5. Heyy.. Nice blog. First time I visit here and have great time to read all the post. Thanks for the sharing your knowledge.

  6. Wow, what a bunch of wishful thinking, blind faith weirdo’s on this blog. This man has accomplished absolutely NOTHING and you would think he could walk on water the way you idolize him. A freshman, junior senator with exactly 143 days of work experience, prior to being ushered into the white house. What a great speaker Obama is…LOL, what a joke! Who cares? It just shows how silly “progressives” care far more about perception than substance, it’s truly childish and pathetic. A smooth talking Chicago lawyer, turned politician is change? You’re kidding, right? This “stimulus” package that just passed is the exact opposite of what Obama promised in his election campaign. He promised to end pork-barrel and earmark spending, and this bill that just passed is 80% fat and 20% meat. His cabinet is filled with tax cheats, which is completely indicative of liberal hypocrites. Liberals are extremely generous with other peoples money, while they cheat on their own taxes and refuse to pay their fair share. Affirmative action…ABSOLUTELY, as long as it doesn’t affect my job. I have NEVER heard of a liberal who has offered to give up their job, so that a less fortunate minority could have the chance to advance. Affirmative action is great…as long as it doesn’t affect me. Typical liberal hypocrisy. Obama is a joke and is nothing more than a typical politician, and anyone who believes otherwise is simply a fool.

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