Nonsense Disguised as Valuable Information

Things That Chap My Hide: #1

I can’t resist. My boss sends me the Daily Real Estate News emails he gets and one of the headlines from this morning’s news was: The Real Estate Agent of the Future. Well, my interest was piqued and I read the very brief blurb about what a CEO of a real estate company foresees as the type of agent that will be most likely to succeed in this changing real estate market. This is not meant to be a jab at the author of this article, but rather to take note that the attributes he claims the agent “of the future” will need, are the very same attributes that an agent needs now, and needed 10 years ago, to be competitive. It is a little insulting to our intelligence that this article was even printed.

“…product knowledge, sales competency, access to customers, and service with integrity” the CEO states as skills future realty agents will need to successfully compete with other agents. Nostradamus adds to the list: “Another key skill of the future will be the ability to negotiate successfully”. Well, I am no expert, but it seems to me that having good negotiating skills is now, and has always been, a huge factor in an agent’s success. What exactly is different then, about the agent in the future?

This is my favorite: “an agent working in 2015 will need the ability to communicate effectively across generational spans as the different age groups move up and out”. So, in 1985 it wasn’t important to effectively communicate with people that varied in ages from the young to the old? Well then, when 2015 comes around, hold on to your hats, because the real estate world will have turned upside down! People of ALL ages will be buying homes!

Ok, I’m done. It’s a shame I even felt the need to write this. But I feel that when nonsense is being put out for all to see, someone has to point it out. I must harp on an article like this in hopes that such things won’t be written in the future and put on respectable websites. And so, I foresee that in 2012, a person writing for the Daily Real Estate News will not print an article simply to take up space, but rather it will be a valuable piece of information and actual real estate news.

Andrew Brentan

6 thoughts on “Nonsense Disguised as Valuable Information”

  1. Real estate markets are sometimes lead by instincts of people. Negotiating prices effectively can bring lot of gains from real estate business.

  2. Richard Stabile

    Real Estate agent won’t change. Their tools may but they still will work hard, repeat the same tasks over and over and get the job done. If they know their market their buyers will appreciate it. If they keep up with their farms and follow-ups, they will make deals.
    Just the tools not the agent.

  3. So many of today’s blogs and articles are simply a regurgitation of old material. No only that, it’s old news that makes no sense in the way it is presented. I agree that whether it’s 2009 or 20015, agents will use many of the same tools. In the end, building relationships and trust are the two most important things an agent can do.

  4. i agree with the todd convington if property brokers or agents change their style of nature then they can not be able to do his job rightfully

  5. Did you write an article for your broker entitled “Broker of the Future” ? We used to have a broker who would read us articles at our weekly meeting. Of course, we had read them weeks earlier online and had been reading all the comments and articles written in response to the original post long before she shared these jewels with us.

    Geordie Romer | Leavenworth WA real estate agent’s last blog post..Leavenworth Windermere – Not Leaving Town!

  6. Great post, it reminds me of some of these wheels manufactures that take garbage wheels and throw a knockoff label on them! It;s always interesting how people that don’t know anything about a specific profession can think they can write about it with a certain authority. Sounds like this writer called some lamo agent and this was the only person he spoke with to write this article!

    Art’s last blog post..ZX7 [CHROME] by ZYOXX WHEELS

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