National Super Bowl Sunday

I was emailed yesterday a recipe courtesy of the website and quickly found myself drooling while simultaneously questioning the health of my arteries to withstand such a meal. In order to create the Bacon Explosion you’ll need the following: 2 pounds thick cut bacon, 2 pounds Italian sausage, 1 jar of your favorite barbeque sauce, and 1 jar of your favorite barbeque rub.


It all begins, as seen in this picture, with the construction of the all important 5×5 bacon-strip weave. I highly recommend going to check out for yourselves, just how to make the Bacon Explosion.

But the Bacon Explosion did more than make me hungry and cause the instantaneous accumulation of sweat on my forehead and upper lip. It got me excited for the Super Bowl this Sunday. In my opinion, the Super Bowl could not have come at a better time for us Americans. As we face the grip of our severely slumping economy, the Super Bowl offers us a day to forget about our dwindling retirement accounts, and unstable job, and instead, dive care-free into a day of gluttonous, over-indulgence; A day where the Bacon Explosion is merely the appetizer for the hot wings, baked salami, chili, and pizza; A day when it doesn’t matter if your team is playing in the game because the Super Bowl isn’t about football. It is about the gathering of friends, the consumption of alcohol and the over-consumption of foods that no doctor anywhere has ever or will ever recommend that you eat. It is a day when we as Americans actually pay more attention to the commercials than the main program, and you can place a bet on anything from the color of the ref’s underwear to the amount of times Joe Buck will pinch Troy Aikman’s ass when the cameras are off.

Super Bowl Sunday is as big of a national holiday as we have in this country, and it has come at a time when we are in need of its familiar comforts. So this Sunday, take in all the obnoxiousness that the Super Bowl affords us. Eat as much as your stomach will allow, drink as much as you feel like drinking (make someone else drive you home), gamble, enjoy the blatant mass marketing schemes, and have some laughs with family and friends. Because the Super Bowl is like the Bacon Explosion: It is not something you should have every day, or even once a month. But once a year, you deserve to indulge. Especially this year.

By Andrew Brentan

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  1. Man…. thats an awesome recipe, I just clicked on over to the link you gave, Honestly looks so delicious!

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  2. Mike @ Informed Reviews

    That’s some nice looking bacon! The game was great as well.

    Mike’s last blog post..Panic Away Review

  3. Heyy.. Nice blog. First time I visit here and have great time to read all the post. Thanks for the sharing your knowledge.

  4. That is one wicked looking appetizer recipe!!
    I find it hard to belive that the outer layer of bacon held that contraption together but it looks like it did.
    I’ll bet it would go good with beer….then again, what doesn’t 🙂

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