It’s The Most Wonderful Time….Of The Year

For those that are coming to this blog for some thoughts on the Detroit debacle, the state of real estate in the San Diego area, or how to do a short sale, I’m afraid I don’t have anything for you today. For this is one of those days where, despite everything in the news, despite how our world continues to feel like it’s crumbling beneath our feet, I am in need of some good, positive vibes. And so, as I tend to do when the doom and gloom has rendered me sluggish and depressed as if I’d been dunked into a vat of tree sap, I will write about some simple things that always bring a smile to my face despite the harsh times that have been  pressed upon us all.

1) There are few things in this world that give me more joy than the trifecta that occurs every April: The start of the baseball season, the NCAA Championship, and of course, a tradition unlike any other, The Masters. I am speaking not just of watching these sporting events, but appreciating what they represent for me year in and year out. They represent the sun staying in the sky into the early evening, a warmer ocean, flowers blooming, lawns being mowed, the smell of cigars as you drive past a ball field, cold beers on your back patio, and bbq chicken on the grill. Ahhhhhh, good times.

2) The Local Farmer’s Market. Have you been to yours recently? I love me a weekend morning trip to the farmers market to sift through the freshest produce around and converse with some local farmers. The food is delicious, incredibly inexpensive, and always inspires me to cook. And my absolute favorite stop at the farmer’s market is the sweet old German woman who sells the most flavorful eggs I’ve ever eaten. Without fail, when I buy a dozen for $2.50, she’ll hand me over my eggs, smile, and remind me in her German accent, “Eggs are goot for you”.

3) And lastly, something to look forward to, as always, are the summer events that every village, town, and city put on each year. In San Diego, there are TONS of things going on every weekend. Street parties, outdoor concerts, Over-The-Line Tournament, boat races, the Del Mar Fair, the Taste of Downtown, and of course, daily fireworks after sunset over the bay at Sea World. And that’s just to name a few. So many things at  our fingertips to enjoy in this city, and I intend on making the most of my summer.

So there you have it. There are things that this crappy economy can’t take away from us. There are still so many wonderful things we can rely on to bring respite from the depressing news that this debilitating economy continues to spew forth. But it sure does help to remind one’s self that things aren’t all bad. In fact, I wrote this blog much more for my own peace of mind than anyone else’s. But I hope I was able to spread a little bit of good cheer. Keep the chins up out there.

By Andrew Brentan

10 thoughts on “It’s The Most Wonderful Time….Of The Year”

  1. i love this time, you can sit out in the evening , long days, cool weather and you can make barbecue in the evening. i love it.
    and by the way nice photo the one with the bridge.

    Rotwein’s last blog post..Cabernet-Sauvignon

    1. Al, that picture you speak of is the 12th hole at Augusta National. The most beautiful golf hole on the planet. I too love that kind of place.

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  3. San Diego Banquet Halls

    Baseball season is what puts me in a great mood! The Cubs tend to put me back in a bad mood by October though 🙁

  4. Mike @ Life Insurance Basics

    Like any other human on this planet, I like this part of season more than anything in my life. I think nobody can afford to miss it actually because it is our natural life just like our natural sentiments. Thanks for sharing wonderful pictures, they are efficient enough to boost up the energy.

  5. Rob@DoylesRoom Poker Rakeback

    You’re certainly onto something here. There is plenty of “news” out there, and unfortunately, the supply of that of the good variety is dwindling… at least that seems to be the focus. It’s nice to come across some folks who still maintain a positive outlook and can still find the beauty in life through hard times.

    Rob’s last blog post..New Rakeback Program Unveiled for Doyle’s Room

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