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I went for a surf in Pacific Beach a couple weeks ago, a spot I used to surf frequently because I lived close-by, and I was a bit shocked at how few people were there. It was a fluke 89 degree day in April, where was everyone?! Oh yes, how could I forget that there was a booze ban imposed last year? Like most people, there are parts of the booze ban that I like (e.g. no more drunk idiots wondering in front of my house or leaving beer cans in my front yard), and parts that I hate and that make me sad (can’t a man just enjoy a cold beer and a sunset? What kind of free country is this???). But trying to make a compromise seemed too difficult a task for the proposition authors, and our only options were to vote either Yes or No on a ban.

So I found it amusing that there was a piece today in the Union Tribune, written by Michael Stetz who admits that, though he voted against the ban, the San Diego beaches are now extremely boring. “With the booze ban at San Diego beaches now firmly in place, our beaches have become a real snooze scene.  When I go there, I see a lot of families. And families are boring. I know. I have a family”, Stetz writes. I concur. What a bore. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it thrice: I’m tired of a few bad apples ruining it (whatever “it” tends to be) for the rest of us. And that, ladies and gentlemen is all I have to say about that.

In other news, stay tuned to the Team Aguilar Blog in coming weeks as I bring you a close and personal look into the life and times of REO Field Agent and close friend, Cory McGilvery. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll thank your lucky stars that you’re still living in your home.

By Andrew Brentan

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  1. It is a shame that a few bad apples spoiled everyone else’s ability to drink on the beach; however, in my opinon, having a family friendly atmosphere and avoiding drunk swimming in the ocean seems like positives for the area and community on the whole. I’m sure there are other places that people who really want to party can go enjoy themselves, and now there is a dependable, quiet beach for everyone around to enjoy.

  2. When I was surfing in Hawaii there was one guy who used to sit out back on a huge paddle board. He’d have a big cooler box tied to the giant board and would sit out there drinking beers all day! I don’t think I saw him catch one wave! Maybe this is something you should explore?!

  3. I agree it does stink that a few ruined for everyone. As a parent the last thing I want is a bunch of drunks around my children however as a responsible adult I do not see any harm in having a few drinks at the beach.

  4. Pacific Beach is a great place to surf and enjoy. Every beach area of Pacific Beach has something different to offer. All year round you can find people, walking, jogging, walking their dogs, playing in the sand, swimming, lovers holding hands and surfers riding waves, and others just watching other people and of course gathering for the magnificent sunsets.

    Cheers,Harry,Panama property

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