Monday, June 29th: San Diego Fair Is Free for Unemployed

This just in (well, maybe it was three days ago)! The San Diego County Fair, in Del Mar released a statement offering free admission to anyone who is unemployed (plus 1) on Monday, June 29th.  “We feel this Fair Stimulus Promotion would be a good way for people to come and enjoy everything the Fair has to offer,” said Fair General Manager Tim Fennell. “That evening’s grandstand show, Clint Black, is free with admission, other entertainment is free, and the exhibits are free. People can bring their lunch and store it at Guest Services. They can park for free at Horsepark and have an entire day at the Fair for no cost.”

The program, good only on Monday, June 29th, requires showing an unemployment check at the Box Office and is good for two admissions. It’s a nice offer. Kind of awkward if you ask me to have to show an unemployment check at the ticket counter, but then again, I can’t think of a better way to show proof. So why not?

The San Diego County Fair is the largest annual event in San Diego County and the sixth largest fair in the United States, drawing more than 1.2 million visitors each year. The Fair will be open now through July 5, 2009. Gates open at 10 a.m. Saturday and Sunday; 11 a.m. weekdays. Gates close at 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 10 p.m. other nights. Admission is $13 for adults, $7 for ages 6-12 and 62 and older, and free for ages 5 and younger. For information, log onto the Fair web site at

10 thoughts on “Monday, June 29th: San Diego Fair Is Free for Unemployed”

  1. It is nice to see the community working together to help the unfortunate people that are suffering through this crisis. I agree it might be a little embarassing to show an unemployment check to get into the fair but humble pie might be just what some of these people need.

  2. Cary NC Real Estate

    I would think it would be a bit embarrassing to bring an unemployment check to the ticket counter. Nonetheless, it gives me “warm fuzzies” when I hear stories about communities that are pulling together and focusing on people more than on earning a quick buck.

  3. I’m jealous!! Everything in America seems to be bigger, brighter and nicer than over here in the rainy old UK. Even your fairs make ours look miserable. 🙁

  4. Mike @ Computer Work From Home

    That looked like an awesome event! It’s also really cool that they allowed unemployed to get in free. I always wanted to move to San Diego to see what it’s like. It looks nice.

    Mike’s last blog post..Where To Start A Free Blog

  5. This is definitely an inspiring act of community building.., I now have a high regard to the city of San Diego… I hope I get the chance to visit it someday and hopefully it will be soon… Keep up the good work San Diego and keep being an inspiration to other cities in the world… 😛

  6. This is a good idea, but are people who are unemployed really going to have the means to get out there and money to spend on food and all the other things they are going to want at the fair?

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