Two Things:

It’s nice to hear that Americans are learning from the mistakes of the past. According to, ING Direct says a recent survey it conducted shows consumers have learned a powerful lesson from the mortgage meltdown-save for a downpayment.”

According to their survey, 42% of Americans “think homes purchased with a bigger downpayment in recent years could have reduced the proliferation of foreclosures and prevented the sharp economic downturn.” Now I’m curious as to what the other 58% thought. Anyhooo, what matters is that a lot of people are tired of the trouble that debt can get them in to. I freak out when I have $200 on my credit card, I can only imagine what it’s like to be tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

Apparently, the survey also reveals that “more than 40 percent of homeowners may refinance this year because of historic-low mortgage rates. Homeowners surveyed indicated that they are seeking new options from the 30-year mortgage product. Nearly four in 10, or 37 percent, said they are likely to consider a mortgage that allows them to make bi-weekly payments to pay off their mortgage faster, without pre-payment penalties.” Well now we’re talking! I thought for a moment that shying away from 30 year mortgages was going to mean looking into ARMs or something. Happy to see it was bi-weekly payments instead. Good on ya, you 37%! If you can handle bi-weekly payments, you’re going to be free as a bird in a few years!

I think it was the great Ben Franklin once said: A penny saved ain’t gonna get you shit. But if you continue to put away some money instead of buying jet skis and shoes, you might just be able to truly afford a home one day.

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  1. It seems like these lessons are only learned during these type of down times and then forgotten when things are going very well.

    Ben Franklin is a freakin genius. It’s those type of comments that highlights his genius.

  2. I agree about “a penny saved” comment by Ben Franklin. People get caught up in a big paycheck and blow nearly half of it on a party and booze. I know a lot of people in real estate did that with big closings. Now look. Most realtors are victims of foreclosure now!

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    I too agree with the comment of Ben Franklin. From this economic level of real estate business people learned some lesson but when the situation of the economy change then they will forget about their lessons.

  4. An old Bible verse with lots of wisdom: “The rich rule over the poor, and borrowers are servants to lenders.” Proverbs 22:7 I hope that we learn the lessons that will last.

  5. The Fed and their fiat currency and fake rates, investment banks on wall st selling bundled junk, mortgage brokers pushing products on consumers that should have never been created, realtors not offering sound advice to their clients, and customers not thinking into the future. A lot of blame to go around.

  6. I agree: lately when talking to buyers and homeowners I hear a lot more ‘financial responsibility’ coming from them. Its good to know they are learning from past mistakes and I hope we all keep it up!

  7. What Brewer Caldwell said. Right on. The people who have learned their lesson in this are now broke, without a home and basking in depression. What about the loan sharks who gave them mortgages they were not qualified for and are now on the phone pushing 30 yr fixed rates to replace the arms they previously sold them. A lot of blame to go around “amen”.

  8. Thanks for the info- it turns out Microsoft’s bing really is making an impact, it seems to me your blog is getting a lot of search engine traffic from bing- have you found this to be the case?

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    As time goes by and the economy improves, I think these lessons will be forgotten and remembered only when they are faced with another difficult economy. I hope this is not the case.

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