Busy couple weeks

It’s been a busy week and I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know we are going to get this blog going but I have had a couple people out of the office and it’s been a really busy couple weeks. Things should be getting back to normal here shortly and we will get back up to speed!

I hope everyone is doing well. There has been so much going on in the news. It’s a great time to be writing so please bare with us while we get things back on track.

One interesting subject being talked about is the possibility of extending the First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit. Our friend the Phoenix Real Estate Guy just wrote a solid update on the subject and the possibility of it being extended. Please take a minute to check it out HERE.

See everyone back here shortly. 🙂

Also, we are working hard to bring a Spanish version of our website. It’s a lot of work, here is a link to Bienes Raices en San Diego.


Comprar una casa en San Diego
Podemos ayudarte en cada paso del camino. Contáctenos para una consulta para discutir sus opciones para comprar una casa en San Diego. Tal vez usted está buscando una casa en el campo de golf o casa frente a la playa? ¿O desea una casa con paneles solares? Cualquiera que sean sus necesidades, le podemos ayudar a comprar una casa en el condado de San Diego.”


Busy couple weeks
Busy couple weeks

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  1. I am waiting for your new post. Hopefully you will be back witha bang.Yesi have already read the articles about first time homebuyers tax credit.I am in favor of its being extended.

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