Our Friend TPREG Grows a Moustache!

Prostate Cancer Foundation LogoDid you know that you can grow a moustache, as well as help raise awareness and funds to fight male cancer, at the same time? Follow the footsteps of a man named Jay Thompson who is doing exactly that.

November also happens to be the month of “Movember”. That’s right. Every year, awareness and funds are raised during this month for male health through a worldwide moustache-growing charity event to fight depression and prostate cancer in men. Now on its 6th year, the “mo” is being embraced once again.

In case you didn’t know, prostate cancer can strike 1 out of 6 men within their lifetimes, while testicular cancer happens to be the most common cancer that afflicts men aged 18 and up – definitely something you should think about.

Whether you’re a man who values his goods (what man doesn’t?) and understands how much other men value theirs, or a woman who appreciates movember and would like to support the same efforts, you can bring the look back and have some fun for two serious causes.

Even if Movember hasn’t been formally launched in your particular country, you can still help raise money and register at any of their charity partners through the internet. All of the funds raised are going to go to Livestrong (remember their bracelets?) and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Any donations would be appreciated. So why not skip the barber and grow all of your hair out this month to donate your money for a good cause? A lot of men will be eternally grateful.

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