Why is MY MLS LISTING showing up on your website?

IDX Internet Data ExchangeThis is another one of those, boy oh boy blog posts. I get this question a lot. Not only do I get this question but I get it with a boat load of anger built in to it! Believe me, SOME agents can be vicious, mean and really angry when their listings show up on your website.

I should file this post under the things that annoy me tag like my friend The Phoenix Real Estate Guy would likely do.

For the common reader who is wondering how and why this question comes up. As a REALTOR and member of your local MLS [Multiple Listing Service] real estate agents have the ability to advertise listings through the IDX [Internet Data Exchange] agreement that is in place. The IDX agreement is possibly one of the if not greatest things to ever happen in the real estate business. For Team Aguilar, our head honcho Howard Blum is the broker / partner, Carlos Aguilar is a Realtor member / partner [my father] who manages this website. Through his REALTOR membership he is given permission to display listings on www.TeamAguilar.com via the IDX MLS listing feed for San Diego County. Obviously, this provides additional exposure for all listings. One day I am going to write a blog post with an IMAGE / OLD MLS Printout I have. It’s my grandparents MLS printout from 1962 for their home listed here in San Diego that was in a 3 ring binder. Back then, agents in the office would go to the 3 ring binder to search for homes in certain areas. Can you see the difference between a 3 ring binder and an IDX data feed that goes out to thousands of websites instantly?

So getting back to the question now that I have given you the cliff notes on IDX. Why is MY MLS LISTING showing up on your website? I feel like I should say, Why THE HELL is MY MLS LISTING showing up on your website? That is what a couple agents have said to us on the other end of the phone.

Well, the reason your listing is showing up on our website is because you are ALLOWING it to show up. When a real estate agent enters a listing into the MLS they are asked two questions.

– VOW [Virtual Office Website] Yes/No

– Internet Syndication Yes/No

When you say YES to these two items you are allowing websites like www.TeamAguilar.com and thousands of others to display your listings. The official Sandicor IDX rule reads as followed.

Sandicor’s IDX (Internet Data Exchange) rule enables MLS Participants (Principal Brokers) to display each others’ listings on their web sites. The rule is found on Section 12.16 of the Sandicor Rules and Regulations. This is only for internet display; it does not apply to any other type of medium (newspaper, flyers, etc.). Brokers must not have opted out of this program. IDX is considered advertising by the DRE and therefore must abide by DRE rules and regulations.

Now you always have the option to say NO to these and please understand that when you call screaming at us asking, Why is MY MLS LISTING showing up on your website? This is the answer.

YOU CAN ALWAYS SAY NO, or OPT OUT but in my opinion you would have to be a complete idiot to do so or care about nothing more than trying to act as a dual agent on all your deals which happens more then you realize. The IDX rule is the best thing to happen since sliced bread for real estate agents. Why would you cut your listing off from all of the available marketing sources out there? Your #1 objective is to sell your clients home, sell it at the highest possible price and OPTING OUT will limit the number of people who view your clients listing.

CONSUMERS. How do you know if your agent is opting out? Visit a typical real estate agents website like www.TeamAguilar.com and do a search for your home. Make sure you are getting the most exposure possible.

12 thoughts on “Why is MY MLS LISTING showing up on your website?”

  1. Victoria Real Estate

    Thanks for the post Victoria real estate, please provide some of your own words instead of copying mine from the post above. 🙂 I removed your link but you are welcome to leave comments with your link as long as they are original. Thank you, Alex

    “This is only for internet display; it does not apply to any other type of medium . Brokers must not have opted out of this program. IDX is considered advertising by the DRE and therefore must abide by DRE rules and regulations.”

  2. Great post! You are sharing good post. I learned a lot. Please see my site. 🙂
    .-= Eugene´s last blog ..Container Gardens – the Instant Way to a Green Thumb. =-.

  3. We don’t get a lot of them but it probably happens 1-2 times a month. It was worse a while back and I think more agents are starting to realize how IDX works. A couple of those calls were so nasty and 1 email was even worse.

    For the most part, agents just call and ask and it’s no big deal but some agents have been a bit nasty.

    Don’t you wish some agents would just be a little more friendly?

  4. I don’t get it either Alex, but I get a similar call every couple of weeks… And yep, some are downright angry. You’d think they would WANT their clients listing on as many sites as possible. I thought the whole idea in taking a listing was to get it sold… Exposure sells homes.
    .-= Jay Thompson´s last blog ..We are #1!! Now please make it stop. =-.

  5. Las Vegas Real Estate Agent Paul

    Why are listing agents complaining about free advertising of their listings? So they have a better chance of doing both sides…

    Luckily… we don’t have that problem in Las Vegas. In over 4 years of having an IDX in one form or another… I’ve never received one of these phone calls.

    By the way.. I’m assuming that somewhere on the IDX listings there is something on there to the tune of “Listing is a courtesy of…. ”

    Let me know if you want to advertise any of my listings on your site in San Diego… 😉

  6. I’ve had this issue pop up as well and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. Old school real estate is over. The more exposure for the sellers, the better!
    .-= Jacksonville Homes and Real Estate´s last blog ..Just Served Foreclosure Papers – What to do =-.

  7. I am not from real estate industry, I always assumed that some of you are either copying data from each other or have a private agreement to show some of the listings. IDX is indeed a big timesaver for REALTORs
    .-= [email protected] Ultimatum´s last blog ..Traffic Ultimatum Module One =-.

  8. Great advice. Hopefully you will now avoid some of those angry phone calls. And when you do, send them the link to this blog posting and tell them “See it is your fault.”
    .-= [email protected] Cleaning Companies´s last blog ..Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning =-.

  9. Gwen, thanks for stopping by. Just today I received a rather nasty voicemail from an agent saying that he never authorized me to advertise his short sale. I find it funny. You would think if he is going to call up and leave a nasty voicemail, he would know the rules!

  10. This always amazes me. I don’t know if the sellers that are annoyed want a “secret listing” that no one knows about. I wonder how the sellers would feel if instead of advertising their agent is trying to remove advertising for their listing.

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