Warning – Visiting this web site may harm your computer!

My apologies if you received this message (Warning – Visiting this web site may harm your computer!) visiting our website in the last 24 hours. Seems that we had someone get into a few files and upload a virus.

It is such a shot to the gut when you do a Google search for your web site and you see BIG BOLD LETTERS above the result saying, “Warning – Visiting this web site may harm your computer!”. Man that is a bad feeling when you know that your intentions are good and you have a quality website that is not designed to be spamming people.

Everything has been corrected, additional security precautions have been put in place and we seem to be in the green with the Google again! Phew!!!!!! What a total pain in the ass and man do I hate spammers! Why do people have to mess with other people and make everyones life miserable?

Please feel free to send us an email if you see anything that looks out of the ordinary and again thank you.



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13 thoughts on “Warning – Visiting this web site may harm your computer!”

  1. Alex from Maui Real Estate Search

    LOL, I was going to email you today, I tried to get on your site yesterday and got that crazy message. Certainly a party foul. Anyway, glad to see you’re back and running. Best of luck.

  2. It can be a royal pain in the butt when one of your sites gets hacked. It’s a pretty abrupt learning curve but glad you got back on your feet!

  3. It’s amazing that people will just attack site like this for no reason. If this were my site I would be freaking out, so I can understand how scared you must of been. Hopefully people realized it was nothing and will not be scared from your site moving forward.

  4. Its sad to know that some people go to great lengths of messing up other people’s websites by uploading a virus, just for fun or for no reason at all. What were they thinking? Glad to know that you guys have solved the problem!!!

  5. You need to keep a watchful eye over sites that run WordPress or any other CMS. My sites were hacked this past January, and visitors were getting redirected to a spam page for a fake anti-virus application. I managed to fix the problem before Google got about to slapping me. The best preventative measure to take is to keep WordPress updated and your plugins as well.

  6. thx ..Good to see that the site is back with a bang. I love your posts and was really missing them these days. Later on I was on a trip with my family and coming back over here after a couple of weeks.

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