Lazy Realtors who don’t label lock boxes

Lazy Realtors who don’t label lock boxes. I think I will file this under the “Lazy Realtors” category because this issue of real estate agents who don’t label their lock box drives me crazy! I was out yesterday previewing condos in the downtown San Diego area which is full of condominium projects. I think 8 out of 10 lock boxes I opened up had 1 key with no label or tag inside the lock box. Just sitting their lose with no identification. What happens if an agent has multiple property to view? How the hell are we going to put your key back in the correct lock box? On top of that, check out the picture below. This was just 1 complex and 3/4 of the lock boxes here at this complex were not labeled. So you have 2 infractions here, agents who don’t label the key inside the lock box and agents who don’t label the lock box. PUT THE UNIT NUMBER on your lock box! If you make life easier it’s only going to help other real estate agents sell your property.

Lazy Realtors who don’t label lock boxes

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10 thoughts on “Lazy Realtors who don’t label lock boxes”

  1. Maui Real Estate Search

    LOL, wow, you sure have your work cut out for you. I have never seen anything like that (I doubt that any HOA here would allow that anyway). Best of luck, Alex.

  2. Great photo! It says it all when it comes to the importance of labeling. I think that photo above would be great to show those families that have their homes listed and you say, “Do you want a Realtor that is not interested in taking the time to ‘list’ your home? or someone like me that will get your home ‘listed’ and shown?” I think you can jump on those expired listing and gather a ton of them with this photo. It is all about the presentation.

  3. Paul @ Las Vegas Real Estate Investments

    That drives me crazy… tabs to label keys are only around $2.00 a packet. I don’t leave home without them..

  4. Yeah you do have a point! Being lazy in the real estate business means a lost opportunity or worst case scenario, a lost sale! I’m glad you posted this…

  5. Austin Mortgage

    Whaaat? That’s crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like that.

  6. That is literally unbelievable! Its amazing that some of the people listing their homes with those realtors think that that is ok. I would actually rule someone out if they didnt find a better more innovative way to get the job done than to be one of the sheep!

  7. San Diego Home Inspector

    Many lazy Realtors in San Diego. Wow. Great picture! I’ve seen a few like that, but your photo is priceless.

  8. @ Victoria, yes that is Palermo, good call on recognizing that photo! That building can be a bit of a challenge to show when you don’t have keys or gate codes to access the unit which many listings do. 🙁

    @ Everyone else, thanks for the comments and stopping by!

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