Happy New Year and go San Diego!

Hard to believe that it’s already 2011! WOW, seems like it was just yesterday we were dealing with the whole y2K panic attack!

What will we call this decade and the previous decade? We had the eighty’s, ninety’s but will this decade be the teens???? I wonder how they will sell the greatest hits albums down the road?

I hope everyone had a great and safe new year and enjoyed the time away from work to relax with friends and family.

I always believe the glass is half full and I think 2011 will be a good year for many of us. I believe we have pushed passed the worst of this great recession and will see continued economic improvement across the board.

In today’s article of DS News San Diego is a market primed for success in 2011. Veros real estate solutions predicts that San Diego will be the strongest market for appreciation with about 3.5% over the next 12 months. The top 5 markets are listed below.  Among other markets it predicts will have strong gains in 2011 are Pittsburgh and Fargo.

1. San Diego / Carlsbad / San Marcos, CA +3.5%
2. Kennewick / Richland / Pasco, WA +3.4%
3. Pittsburgh, PA +2.7%
4. Fargo, ND-MN +2.6%
5. Washington / Arlington / Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV +2.5%

For people in my home market of San Diego I really believe it’s a great time to purchase. Many buyers want to purchase and can afford to purchase but are unable to obtain financing with stricter lender guidelines. Make sure you are working with a good lender. The issue of financing remains the most difficult obstacle for many buyers.

I hope 2011 bring great success for you. We will be here ready to help you with all of your real estate needs.

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year and go San Diego!”

  1. Colorado Springs Homes

    Have you seen short sale approval rates going up? We seem to be getting more approved, but banks like WF are taking much longer.

  2. Paul Francis - Las Vegas Real Estate

    How can you not love San Diego real estate? I certainly understand the prediction for San Diego… D.C. will be interesting to see what happens now that the Republicans have taken over the house. You have to wonder if all of that taxpayer cash that has flooded D.C. is going to going to be cut down…

    As for the other 3 markets… I’ll stick with Las Vegas…

    Best Wishes for a Prosperous 2012!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paul, wish you the best in Vegas in 2011. That is a tough market but I look at tough markets as opportunities to do business. Vegas is an area where people with a job can qualify to purchase because incomes are in line with property values which is not very common in many areas of San Diego.

  3. ChrisAdams @ Scottsdale Homes

    Sigh. I’ve always wanted to live in San Diego, but am unsure if it’s the wisest move for me financially. What are the advantages of buying San Diego real estate, as opposed to, say, buying somewhere in Los Angeles? Can you give me an idea of house appreciation values in San Diego?

  4. If Realtor.com’s data is any indication, San Diego is definitely looking at a strong 2011. The San Diego MSA was the No. 7 most searched in the country last year.

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