Team Aguilar says goodbye to Marina Martin

Yes the day has come, Friday July 22nd is Marina Martin’s last day here in the office. It seems like yesterday she was here talking with Carlos & myself about getting into the real estate business. Carlos & I will admit that we were a little skeptical about her ability to be successful. This was almost 3 years ago, the real estate market was taking a turn for the worse and it was difficult enough for experienced agents to earn a living let alone new agents with no experience.

We met Marina through a friend Carlos has known for many years. Carlos & I were instantly drawn to her outgoing personality! She was new to real estate but not new to customer service.

Fast forward to today, Marina has exceeded our expectations and then some! She has been one of our best agents here in the office.

For agents reading this wondering what it takes to survive in this market? Work, Work, Work! If Marina is any indication of what it takes to be successful you need to work at it. Nothing is easy in this world and hard work really does pay off! Marina is a great example of that!

Why is Marina leaving? Well she met a MAN! A MAN named Ted Clark and recently they were married. Ted is also in the real estate business and has a fantastic opportunity to continue his career. The only downside is that it requires them to move to Dallas. 😥 Bummer I know, its a big bummer for Carlos, myself and everyone else here at AXIA – Team Aguilar real estate.

Recently we were attended Ted & Marina’s wedding and were thrilled to be invited. The one thing that stood out is the love that Ted & Marina shared for one another. You can’t dispute the happiness that they share.

Our message to Ted & Marina:

First and foremost, Ted and I will continue to share our love for the Chargers! I don’t want to hear about you becoming a Cowboys fan. Marina, I know Philip Rivers is your second love so make sure you keep Ted away from Tony Romo.

Second, Carlos & I wish you were staying in San Diego but that would be selfish on our part. Dallas is a great opportunity for both of you. Its the beginning of your life and journey together and we wish you nothing but the best. You will have great success and we look forward to hearing updates about the cold winters and sweltering hot summers! You guys will be missed in San Diego but we hope to stay in touch and look forward to hearing stories about your journey together.

Carlos, myself, & everyone at AXIA – Team Aguilar wish you guys the best!

4 thoughts on “Team Aguilar says goodbye to Marina Martin”

  1. Congratulations to Marina and Ted!!! wishing you good luck and happiness! hope you’ll get to sell lot’s of houses in Dallas as well 😉

  2. Congratulations! have a great time un Dallas, you two look like a wonderful couple 🙂

  3. So wonderful to read a post like that, you guys are a real teamplaying company and it looks like Marina has a wonderful future ahead of her, best of luck

  4. Wooowww….Congrats guys…Just enjoy your moment there in Dallas….Just please take care each other well :-).Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs….Keep sharing… Thanks for Sharing. Great Websites!

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