Mitt Romney Comes Home… to San Diego!

Now that enough time has elapsed since the 2012 Presidential Elections, let’s take a look at what Mitt Romney has been up to since his defeat. Mitt Romney Comes Home… to San Diego! While his running mate Paul Ryan featured prominently during the ongoing fiscal-cliff negotiations, Mitt Romney has kept a low profile after his concession speech at the Boston Convention Center in the early hours of November 7, 2012.

There were reports of Romney leaving the convention center immediately after his concession speech in a single vehicle driven by his oldest son, Tagg – a far cry from the 15 car Secret-Service escorted motorcade he arrived in.

After a grueling 18 month election campaign that saw Mitt Romney travel all over the country in search of votes, he quietly stepped out of the spotlight once it became clear his life-long ambitions of becoming president were well and truly dead.

So where did Mitt Romney end up after all the glitz and glamor of a billion dollar presidential campaign? Not Michigan, where he grew up. Not Massachusetts, where he spent most of his adult life, ruled as governor and maintains his official residence. And not New Hampshire, where Mitt and his wife own an 11 acre, $10 million lake-front property. In the end Romney decided to spend his post-campaign life in California – namely at his beachfront mansion in La Jolla, San Diego. Regular readers will know that I’ve blogged about Romney’s La Jolla beachfront property before, and discussed his attempts to lower its property taxes as well as his difficulty in getting permits to renovate it.

Romney pumping gas in La JollaRomney and members of his extended family have been spotted all over the upscale San Diego neighborhood of La Jolla. To date, Romney has been photographed shopping at the La Jolla Costco; blurry cell phone photos have emerged of Romney and his wife Anne at a Saturday night showing of the latest Twilight (yes, Twilight!) film at a Del Mar cinema; and an aspiring Redditor snapped a photo of a tired looking Romney pumping gas at a La Jolla San Diego station.

Other random places where post-election Mitt Romney has popped up: ring-side at the Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Marquez fight in Las Vegas; The Happiest Place on Earth (which, unsurprisingly, is in California); eating pizza in Salt Lake City; and buying Cheerios at a CVS.

By all accounts Romney has been cheerful and gracious when out and about in publix, even agreeing to pose for photographs public on occasion.

Although no one should begrudge Mitt Romney enjoying some time away from the limelight in a beautiful La Jolla neighborhood with incredible views of the sea – it is a little ironic considering what Mitt Romney had to say about California during the campaign. In September, 2012, on a fundraiser stop in San Diego, Romney commented that he did not agree with the path California has taken, and did not want to see the rest of the US resemble the Golden State. The entire quote and the context in which it was said can be found here.

None the less, San Diegans should be flattered that Mitt Romney chose our city and our State out of all his other houses in all the other States. Presidential Candidate Romney may not want the rest of the country to turn into California, but private citizen Romney certainly wasted no time in picking San Diego, California as his #1 choice for place to live!

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  1. It’s a bummer he didn’t make it but back to what he does best I guess. Great post on him and his ventures.

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