Lazy Real Estate Agents!

Lazy Real Estate Agents drive me crazy. It’s not rocket science and a big reason why Realtors may no exist in a few years.I think I found the worst agent or at least the laziest agent in San Diego. I don’t even know what to say but I was looking through the MLS yesterday previewing homes for a client and came across this photo in the MLS. This is the primary photo and the only photo this agent bothered to use.

Attention clients, if this is your agent please do all of us a favor and fire them. Not because we want another listing to fight over but because any self respecting agent with a brain does not want other real estate agents out there representing us in this manner. I won’t even use the REALTOR designation to describe this worthless agent. I really find it unbelievable that an agent could not bother to get out of their car to take a decent photo.


Agents: Even if you’re selling a home that may be less desirable get off your ass and take photos of it. Take multiple photos, good or bad it will be easier to sell if potential buyers can see what the home looks like inside and out.

The Worst Real Estate Agent In The World!

Clients: If you’re working with a lazy agent like this do me a favor and FIRE them immediately!


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