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As our regular readers might have noticed, the Team Aguilar website has undergone a total redesign, Real Estate Website Redesign. The old site, while perfectly functional, was getting a little long in the tooth. What was cutting edge design in 2008 was starting to show its age in 2014.

Our overall goal with the redesign was to streamline the site while retaining much of the old content. A typical real estate website belonging to a small to medium sized brokerage limits itself to a few sections containing a weekly blog, a contact page and MLS listings. What sets apart is that it is crammed with information covering all aspects of residential and commercial real estate in San Diego you won’t find anywhere else (and yes, we have a weekly blog and MLS listings as well.)

The menu bar linking all the information pages is persistent throughout the site, meaning users are only a mouse-click away from a treasure-trove of information on San Diego real estate. Our ambition was to allow the user reach his or her desired page with the fewest number of clicks – we hope we have succeeded in that aspect!

The other major goal was to make searching for properties easier. To achieve this, we placed the MLS search bar front and center in the home page. Users can now search for San Diego homes based on a number of criteria including neighborhood, number of bedrooms, price and type of property.

You may have noticed the new “search by map” feature, where users can zoom in via Google Maps and see what properties are available on the map itself along with their listing price. Links to this are available in the home page as well as the property search page.

We have also included a persistent “search by MLS#” box and “Search for San Diego Properties” link in right sidebar of every page.

Note: MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service, a centralized online resource where real estate brokers (such as Team Aguilar) access and share information with buyers, sellers and fellow brokers. MLS contains a comprehensive up-to-date list of all the available real estate inventory throughout California. If there’s a property on the market in San Diego County, it will show up in the MLS search.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions on how to make the site even better? Contact us!

Real Estate Website Redesign

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