Opportunities for San Diego in a Possible Chargers Exit

Rafael Perez San Diego Union Tribune article. Chargers leaving.

Our own Rafael Perez has an article in the San Diego Union Tribune where he discusses possible opportunities amid all the doom and gloom of the chargers leaving the city. I can’t describe it any better than Rafael already has, so please click the link below to read this article.



“When the Chargers announced that they would be partnering with the Raiders to build a stadium together, some San Diegans had a moment of disgust. The Chargers now find the Raiders standing in their shadow, ready to make a move.

In the seemingly unlikely case that the Chargers decide to stay in San Diego, the Raiders are pre-approved to swoop in on the Inglewood opportunity. Should the Chargers choose to join the Rams in L.A., is San Diego prepared to swoop in on the Raiders’ opportunity?

Just because the Chargers leave doesn’t dismiss the city from its responsibilities in owning Qualcomm Stadium. In real estate, property owners are advised to get the highest, best use of their real estate.

This includes decisions on whether to build, sell or remodel their investments.”


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“Chargers leaving the city”. View the full article here.

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