Creating Awesome Video For Business Marketing

As you likely know I am in the real estate business and one of my favorite things about this business is being creative. One of the things I do that allows me to be creative is make video. I love creating awesome video for business marketing. I make videos for new listings we have and I also have a drone that takes really cool aerial videos. The other type of video I create is educational videos that I post on Facebook and YouTube. We explain all types of items in these videos and it’s fun to create them.

Also if you don’t know my family and I love to travel, we make videos of our travels and other fun things we do and post them on our other YouTube channel. Check it out if you have a minute.

Creating Awesome Video For Business Marketing Is Affordable

How fitting is this photo? We sure have come a long way in the last 15+ years!

One question I am often asked is what type of camera or equipment do I need to start creating my own videos and the answer is simple! I have some expensive cameras but the reality is that all you really need to start making quality videos is already in your pocket. Your cell phone! BUT there are a couple IMPORTANT items you MUST add to improve the  overall quality of the video you make. Cell phones take great HD video but the audio is very poor. Here are 4 items I would suggest you purchase to improve the audio and lighting of your videos.

1. Small tripod =
2. Cell phone tripod mount =
3. Cell phone microphone =
4. Light with stand =
For less than $100 you can start creating high quality videos.
FOR EXAMPLE, I have been helping my wife Erika market her Immigration business. Today we shot the following Facebook live video. We used her cell phone with the items mentioned above and the final product came out very good. Also it’s important to practice. I cringe when I watch some of my old videos but it gets better with each attempt.
Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help.
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