27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

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27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego – There are a million reasons why we think San Diego is the greatest place on Earth. Here’s the first 27 reasons why San Diego is a great place to live! We think it’s a fantastic city but I would love to hear from you if we missed something. Please leave a comment below.

  1. The Weather – Any list about why San Diego is great is obviously going to have “awesome weather” at the top. Being a city on the coast, the climate in San Diego can be best described as “nice out today” for much of the year. There are no blizzards or heavy snowfalls to deal with in the winter and it doesn’t get as hot as Phoenix or LA in the summer.
  2. Beaches – Coming a close second to the excellent weather are our world-class beaches. San Diego is famous for its many diverse beaches, from the long sandy shores of Coronado to the craggy coastline of La Jolla Cove and everything in between. Encinitas in San Diego’s North County is a surfer’s paradise, Ocean Beach is a throwback to the hippie era of the 60’s and the party never stops along the boardwalk at Pacific Beach. Living in San Diego is like a vacation that never ends.
  3. The Food – A foodie’s paradise, San Diego offers hungry diners delicious delicacies from all corners of the world. Whether you’re on the prowl for authentic Mexican style burritos at midnight, or in the mood for some fine dining at Michelin Star rated fine-dining establishments, you’ll find it here. Imagine eating freshly caught seafood at a beachfront restaurant or sampling one of everything at an authentic Italian trattoria in Little Italy – San Diego has you covered!
  4. Jobs – If you’re worried about your employment prospects (and who isn’t these days?), you’ll be happy to learn that San Diego’s local job market is very hot right now. We all know the economy goes through boom-bust cycles every 10 years or so. San Diego’s local economy stays strong thanks to a strong presence of the defense, telecom, biotech and healthcare sectors. Whatever is happening in the rest of the country, you can bet your bottom dollar that companies are always on the lookout for top-talent in San Diego.

    27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

  5. A Booming Life Sciences Industry – San Diego is a major hub for biotech research and development in the world. According to a recent report by PricewaterhouseCooper, two dozen (mostly biotech) companies in san Diego received around $230 million in venture capital funding in just the third quarter of last year. That figure is expected to grow in the future. On the back of the success of the biotech sector other high tech industries such as software, robotics and digital design are looking to gain a foothold in San Diego.
  6. San Diego Craft Beer – This could be listed as one of the driving forces to the local economy. The craft beer scene in San Diego is unlike anything else in the world. With more than 100 independent craft beer companies San Diego is a great place to enjoy craft beer. You can visit some of the local tasting rooms or even enjoy a beer tasting tour that has become a popular thing to do.
  7. Rent and Mortgages Are (Somewhat) Affordable – Unlike other major California metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or the Bay Area, San Diego is actually affordable to renters and first time home buyers. I know it doesn’t seem that way especially when you compare San Diego to other cities outside of the state. Rent and mortgages can be had for less than $2,000 a month. We can help you find the home of your dreams that is in your price range! Just drop us a message via the contact form on our website and we will get back to you ASAP. It’s hard to imagine but we did recently help someone purchase a nice condo for less than what they were paying in rent. It’s possible to own if you’re on a budget. Be sure to check out our list of San Diego communities.

    San Diego is also known as America’s Finest City!

  8. Love to play Golf? – Do you love to play Golf? With the year round weather San Diego is the place to enjoy golf throughout the year. You have the option of playing at US Open course such as Torrey Pines which is an amazing course open to the public. It’s expensive but residents receive a discount. San Diego County has close to 100 golf courses in the area which gives you plenty of opportunities to get out and perfect your game.
  9. A Growing Population of Young Professionals – Contrary to popular belief, San Diego is home to more than just retirees and armed forces members. For two consecutive years the city has seen an above-average growth in the arrival of young professionals aged between 25 and 34, who are attracted here by excellent schools, housing, infrastructure, job prospects and recreational opportunities. It is this influx of educated and talented young people that keeps San Diego competitive, exciting and forward looking.

    It’s Easy to Understand Why We Love Living in San Diego

  10. Great Central Location – San Diego is a gateway between California, Nevada and our neighbor to the south, offering residents plenty of opportunities to just pack up and travel to new and exciting areas on a whim. Whether you’re looking to explore the Baja California Peninsula, go on a road trip to LA or Orange County or hit the bright lights of Las Vegas, they’re all in close proximity to San Diego. Also, as a port city San Diego is a gateway hub for cruise liners sailing to Hawaii and other Pacific Countries.
  11. Easy Access to Mexico – Thanks to the opening of the 46-lane San Ysidro Border Crossing it has never been easier to visit our neighbor to the south. The San Diego Tijuana land border crossings are already the busiest in the world and is set to expand in the future. What does this mean for the average San Diego citizen? They can make day trips to Tijuana and be back in time for supper! You also have easy access to the Tijuana airport with the CBX border crossing. It’s never been easier or more affordable to visit Mexico.
  12. A Safer City – Thanks to a new compensation plan and operational changes for first responders, San Diego cut 911 wait times in half in 2016. The city’s emergency wait times reached an all-time low of 7.03 seconds from 15.38 seconds the previous year, making us all a lot safer.

    We Can San Diego Has Incredible Weather Year Round

  13. Free Wi-Fi as Far as the Eye Can See – While this may not seem like a big deal for some, it has been a huge boon for visitors in Balboa Park. Thanks to a grant from the James Irvine Foundation, Balboa Park now has free public Wi-Fi covering some 250 acres from the parking lot in the Zoo to Spreckels Organ Pavilion and beyond.
  14. Not One but TWO Floating Ship Museums – We love our floating military museums in San Diego so much we’re adding a second one The USS Recruit (currently landlocked and undergoing renovation at Liberty Station in Point Loma) will join the USS Midway as San Diego’s second floating maritime museum.
  15. Petco Park – Regardless of how good the Padres do in any given year, Petco Park is a local institution. Located in the heart of Downtown San Diego Petco Park does more than just host baseball games – it truly comes alive in the off-season with a cornucopia of concerts and events for the whole family. The venerable stadium has seen it all: concerts by stars ranging from Paul McCartney to Taylor Swift, an annual winter wonderland exhibition, incredible light and firework displays, and so much more. If there’s something big and exciting happening in San Diego chances are it’s at Petco Park.

    San Diego Has Incredible Weather Year Round

  16. Dog Friendly – San Diego is listed as one of the best cities to have a dog. We love our furry friends and they also love the climate. San Diego has some amazing dog parks and beaches. Fiesta Island for example has acres and acres of park and coastline for your dogs to enjoy.
  17. Endless Opportunities for Family Fun – There’s no shortage of family friendly attractions throughout the city. San Diego Zoo is commonly heralded as one of the best zoos in the world, with just about every animal you can think of (and a few you can’t)! There’s also The San Diego Safari Park where visitors can roam around giant enclosures housing rhinos, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes and other magnificent beasts of the wild. Legoland California located in Carlsbad is another perennial attraction, with over 1.4 million visitors per year – it even has its own Lego themed waterpark! You can also enjoy a day at Sea World which is always fun for the entire family.

    San Diego  is Family Friendly!

  18. Urban Parks – Nothing says hip young city like empty vacant lots being reclaimed as urban parks. San Diego city officials have embraced the urban parks trend by repurposing areas that would otherwise have sat vacant and turning them into public spaces that everyone can enjoy. Some examples of urban parks in San Diego include the new County Administration Center Waterfront Park, Smarts Farm in the Makers Quarter, Lane Field Park and a 5,000 square foot dog park at Quartyard.
  19. The Gaslamp Quarter – Another local institution, the Gaslamp is a stretch of downtown San Diego known for its many bars and restaurants. Close to Petco Park, this is where all the fans go to celebrate (or fume over) after the big game. From chic rooftop bars to hip basement clubs, the party never ends at the Gaslamp Quarter.
  20. An Environmentally Conscious City – Bucking the growing trend of sticking one’s head in the sand and pretending global warming isn’t real, San Diego city officials have taken the courageous approach of tackling climate change head on. San Diego city officials have started releasing an annual Climate Action Plan report, with the aim of cutting greenhouse emissions in half by 2035. Things are looking up! The most recent report has shown that the city has already reduced emissions by 17 percent since 2010 and is set to reach their goal of half emissions in 2025, a decade ahead of the initial plan.

    27 Reasons We Love Living in San Diego

  21. Encouraging Kids to Eat Healthy – In an effort to promote healthier eating in kids, 12 school districts in San Diego County have joined the California Thursdays program, which serves school lunches from locally grown ingredients. This program aims to introduce kids to the health benefits of eating fresh produce, support local farms and reduce the school’s carbon footprint.
  22. Del Mar RacetrackThe Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, “where the turf meets the surf!” Del Mar hosted the Breeders Cup this year and the Summer Season is always a great party by the beach. In addition to the race seasons, the track is used for the San Diego County Fair and hosts many events throughout the year.
  23. Whales and Dolphins – Everyone loves whales and dolphins, and there are plenty of opportunities to get up close to our aquatic mammalian friends in the summer. Boat trips are available to see local dolphin populations frolic around or go watch great blue whales migrate from Alaska to Mexico.

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  24. San Diego Comic-Con – San Diego is forever etched in geek culture as the home of the world famous San Diego Comic Con, an annual event that brings together the worlds of comics, TV, video games, collectibles and movies into one massive event held at the San Diego Convention Center.
  25. Public Transportation – The trolley system is not as good as other cities but San Diego has come a long way. The trolley is in the middle of another expansion. For someone who lives in the core of San Diego the trolley is a great method of transportation for local sporting events.
  26. Carlsbad Flower Fields – every spring from March to April the fields at Carlsbad Ranch explode in a riot of reds and yellows and pinks thanks to the growth of Tecolote® Giant Ranunculus flowers. Over 50 acres are covered with flowers of all kinds (mostly ranunculus) to create an impressive tableau that attracts visitors from all over the world.

    San Diego Has Incredible Weather Year Round

  27. Farmers’ Markets – Every Tuesday to Sunday you will find local farmers’ markets operating in various neighborhoods across the city, each with their own local flavor and specialties. From the cured meats and espressos of Little Italy’s Mercato to the hip food trucks of North park and Hillcrest and the llama rides and live bands of Ocean Beach, there’s a little something for everyone at San Diego’s farmers’ markets.

What else do you love about living in San Diego? Please leave a comment and let us know. As always, if you’re looking to purchase or sell a home in San Diego please contact us.