Real estate agents earning 100% commission? Good? Bad?

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Real estate agents earning 100% commission? Good? Bad?

Does it make sense for you to work with a 100% real estate broker? Will it help your real estate career?

There are many types of agents and many ways for you to be a successful real estate agent but there may only be two things to consider when you’re thinking about working with a 100% real estate broker.

Are you given the business or do you create the business? Two scenarios.

Agent A, currently works with a real estate brokerage that feeds them leads and the majority of their income is a result of the leads they are given. If you fall into this category then stay where you are at because you’re likely doing well and have a good thing going. Yes, you earn a lower split but you are receiving leads. There is a cost your broker is absorbing to create those leads.

Agent B, you create your own business. You close real estate transactions every month as a result of the efforts you are making. If you fall into this category of being the rainmaker and creating your own business then why are you paying your broker 10-30% of your commission? Ask yourself what value you are receiving in return. It should be significant because if you’re a successful agent you could be paying $15-30,000 or more per year to your broker.

I can’t speak for other brokerages that offer agents 100% commission options but I can tell you what makes Axia Real Estate Group unique.

Yes, we offer agents an option to pay $3,000 per year. This gives an experienced agent more money to work with and invest back in their business. We also offer a lot more in addition which you can read in more detail below. Also I was recently reminded of an agent who came in after a closing. She was so thankful for the additional support as you can see below.

Just recently one of our agents came to us, she was almost in tears and so thankful for our help. She had to deal with a medical issue and she couldn’t thank us enough for stepping in to help get the transaction closed.

TRADITIONAL COMMISSIONS – They still exist with us. Why? Because we work with new agents and provide them one on one mentoring. We also have agents that may only do a few deals per year. They can pay a flat fee per closing or take a traditional commission option.

REAL SUPPORT – We offer real in house broker support. We pride ourselves on being available for all agents. No matter how much experience you have you are going to have questions on a transaction. We will be here to work with you face to face to make sure you get the support you deserve. There is a reason we have been doing this for 40 years and have over a billion dollars in sales. We know what it takes to be successful.

A REAL OFFICE – We don’t work out of a PO BOX, we have a real office to work in. A fantastic office to work in if you need it. More and more agents are working from home offices but if you need a place to work, a private office or a cubicle we have you covered. Pop in or come in every day. The option is yours.

A PLACE TO MEET CLIENTS – In addition to the office, you can use any of our conference rooms to meet with clients. You don’t always have to meet them at Starbucks or a property. If you want to use a conference room you can always add your appointment to the conference room calendar.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS – All agents have access to work with our virtual assistants. They can help you do a variety of tasks related to marketing, social media and creating new business.

TRAINING – In addition to one on one mentoring we do weekly training sessions here in the office. Even if you’re not working with us YET you are welcome to join us at any of our training sessions or office meetings. We cover a wide range of topics from contract updates to SEO or social media marketing.

VIDEO MARKETING – We can help you create personal branding videos similar to the one here we made for one of our agents. We offer video marketing to all agents. Use our experience and tools to help you stand out from your competition.

WEBSITES – We provide agents with custom SEO friendly websites that are very friendly with search engines. Take advantage of our experience and use a website to create an internet presence for yourself and with some effort you can start to create more business.

We offer a lot more and if you would like to talk or meet for a few minutes I would love the opportunity to meet with you.

If you’re a real estate agent who would like to start earning more money and also receive great support and work in a great atmosphere CONTACT US today.

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