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This website focuses on San Diego Real Estate news and what is happening in the local market. I was recently reminded of an old article and it got me thinking about all of our older articles and what has been the most popular articles we have written. Here is a list of some of my favorite and most popular.

Downtown San Diego Real Estate – The downtown market is a big area that we spend a lot of time focused on. If you’re looking to buy or sell in the downtown San Diego area we are here to help and this website will always post updates about what is happening in the Downtown San Diego Real Estate Market.

What does $400,000 buy you in San Diego County? These articles are always fun to create and very popular. It gives you a great opportunity to track the market and see what has happened. This article focused on what you could buy with about $400,000 and was written a couple years ago.

What does $700,000 buy you in San Diego? Here is a recent article written in the last couple weeks about what you can purchase with $700,000. The market is always changing and these articles are good to write and use to track the market.

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San Diego Renovation Home Loan – These are popular and not enough people are away that you can do a conventional or FHA renovation loan that will allow you to finance the cost of repairs and improvements. This can be an excellent way to increase the equity in any home you purchase as your primary residence.

Lazy Real Estate Agents! – Pretty self explanatory. I know we are not supposed to speak badly of our fellow Realtors but this article from July 2013 was well worth the post. I had to write about it although I did leave the real estate agents information out. If you’re too lazy to have professional photos taken or to even get out of your car to take a photo then you should find another career. This agent had the nerve to take the primary photo of the home they were selling from the inside of their car.


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