Activities to Keep Kids Busy During CoronaVirus

Here is a list of fun activities to keep kids busy during CoronaVirus

If you haven’t already, check out our learning resources for kids during CoronaVirus.


  • Activities to Keep Kids Busy During CoronaVirusSilly Haircuts – Why not, we have two boys so we had some fun and gave our older son a mohawk. He thought it was fun and he likes to spike up his hair every day or so now. The only problem with this is now they want to give dad a silly haircut!
  • Photography and Video – If you know me personally you know I love to make videos which we post on our YouTube channel. I have some older cameras that I am letting the kids use to take photos and videos with around the house to try to show them how to start telling a story.
  • Padres Baseball Puzzles & ActivitiesWebsite – Every baseball team has this list of activities for kids which include math, puzzles, drawing, all related to baseball. Since we live in San Diego I am sharing the Padres version.
  • Spelling with Post It Notes – we write letters on post it notes and then spell out different words on the wall to help the kids learn to spell. Anything that has to do with writing or putting things on the wall keeps them pretty entertained for a while.
  • Painting Old Toys – we have been painting some of the kids toys and random items around the house. Why not take a few old toys and give them a fresh look with your kids special touch!
  • Taking Things Apart! – Everyone has some random items, maybe some old toys that don’t work any more. We have taken a few of them apart to see how they work. It definitely gives the kids some entertainment for an hour or so. Then we try to put them back together but that usually falls back on my responsibility!
  • use Zoom to help your kids keep in touch with their friends and classmates. We recently did a Zoom meeting for our son’s class and he really enjoyed checking in with his friends from school.
  • Puzzles – it might be hard to find them but if you have them puzzles can be a great way to keep kids busy and you can get creative with cardboard and make some of your own versions.
  • Cardboard Cities – we just happened to have some extra cardboard at the house and have been creating small cardboard cities for the kids to use to park their cars, create roads and mini cities.
  • Story time – it might sound silly but it has been a lot of fun. We have been sitting in the yard or around the house in different areas and telling stories. We usually sit in a circle and everyone takes a turn telling a story based on the things they see around them. It has been fun and passes a lot of time.
  • PBS Kids – PBS Kids is an app built into our TV and available on a lot of smart TV’s. Instead of YouTube time we have been using PBS kids to keep them entertained. We are trying to keep screen time to a minimum but it’s hard!
  • Gardening – If you have a yard or even if you don’t have a lot of space do some gardening and check out the daily progress. We have planted a few plants and have some seeds going through the germination process. It gives the kids something fun to check in our every day.
  • Cooking – We have been doing a lot of cooking at home like everyone else and we are getting the kids involved as much as possible.
  • Painting Eggs – we have been keeping egg shells, we break the eggs carefully at the top and save them to paint a few days later. We have created some pretty fun and wild looking Easter eggs.
  • Lego Table – a few months ago I built a Lego table for the kids. This has been very handy now. If you don’t have a table use Lego’s to create and tell stories. It can make Legos a little more entertaining.
  • Forts – building forts with pillows and sheets. We have been building a lot of forts and letting the kids sleep in the fort they build. They usually wind up in our bed by the morning but they have fun building them.
  • Reading – I know I am guilty of not reading enough with the kids but instead of reading before bedtime we read at random times throughout the day now because we have plenty of time.
  • Organizing / Clearing Clutter – we have been doing a lot of that around the house and getting the kids involved to help out. It definitely keeps them busy for a few hours.
  • Paper Airplanes! – Pretty self explanatory but this website has some great tips for making paper airplanes.
  • Camping in the Backyard – we have not done this but have seen a few friends post that they camped in their back yard and the kids really enjoyed it.
  • Chores! – We already have started to get the kids to do their own chores but we are really stepping that up now! Make it fun and reward them.
  • Activities to Keep Kids Busy During CoronaVirusPainting Shirts – we have been using some paint from around the house to create fun t-shirts. Here is a picture of Ethan wearing a shirt we made a few days ago.
  • Painting Rocks – pretty easy and fun. Paint characters or whatever you want!
  • Making Things From Stuff We Find in the Yard – we have the kids go out in the yard and find random items to design or paint. Like taking a few leaves to paint, glue together to make a design or something interesting.
  • Coloring – everyone loves to color and it can keep kids occupied for hours.
  • Exercising / Dancing – use an app like YouTube to play some fun dance instructional videos. Get the kids dancing! Here is a YouTube search with a lot of great videos for kids to dance and do exercise.
  • Scavenger Hunt – set up a scavenger hunt around your home using all types of random items to keep kids busy searching for hours.

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