Notice to Axia Clients: Changes / Best Practices in Response to COVID-19

San Diego County currently has a Stay Home Except for Essential Needs order in place. Real estate is not listed on the current list of essential services. You can view the current list of essential services provided by the County of San Diego HERE.

Axia Real Estate will continue to follow these guidelines until these orders are lifted. We will continue to follow guidelines while implementing best practices available as provided by local, state and federal officials. The Best Practices listed below are what we will continue to follow. We are only doing business with clients who had active transactions prior to the Stay at Home Order being put into effect or clients who have a requirement to buy or sell real estate.

If you’re an agent in another market feel free to use this disclosure to help you create your own version.

(Updated on 3-28-20)


Notice to Axia Clients: Changes / Best Practices in Response to COVID-19

As we continue to monitor the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to provide this overview of changes we have made to our day-to-day practices at Axia Real Estate Group. We remain committed to providing you outstanding real estate services while following current CDC guidelines as well as the current Stay Home Order implemented by the State of California.

Residential Real Estate is now listed as an essential service in the March 28, 2020 Federal list of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers which you can view here. 

During this evolving health situation, the safety and well-being of our Realtors, clients, and families is our top priority. We will continue to do our part to care for our community and keep real estate activities to a minimum. The following information is an overview of the steps we are implementing.

Axia Real Estate Group’s position is that day to day real estate activities that include interacting with clients shall not continue unless the client has a situation requiring them to buy or sell real estate. If a client wishes to proceed with a real estate transaction Axia Real Estate Group has taken the following steps to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

  • Our offices will remain closed to outside visitors through May 1st. We encourage all clients to use other means available for communicating and sending information. 
  • All Axia Realtors and office staff will be available via phone, email, online and video conferencing.
  • All Axia agents will continue to work from home and only come to the office as required. 
  • All Axia agents have agreed to adhere to current CDC guidelines to help prevent the spread of Covid-19
  • Any OCCUPIED home for sale will be viewed on a case by case basis depending on the owners willingness to provide access to the home.
  • If an owner is not comfortable allowing access to the property we will do our best to provide additional photos or a virtual tour.
  • If possible we will record a virtual tour of the home for you to view online.
  • If an owner agrees to provide access to the home, the buyer and Axia Realtor will meet at the property.
  • Axia Realtors will not be permitted to drive clients in their own vehicles at this time.
  • At time of viewing a home, Axia Realtors will open and provide access to the property. If the seller is present then Axia Realtor will not enter the home to minimize the number of people in the property.
  • All client meetings will be limited and completed through virtual / video platforms.
  • All contracts will be created and sent to clients to sign electronically. No in person meetings.
  • Open Houses will not be performed until social distancing restrictions are lifted. 
  • Axia Realtors will help coordinate the handling of all needed documentation to maintain workflow as best as possible. Client portals and email will be available to all clients.
  • Property inspections will be performed by 3rd parties, if the buyer is performing, Axia Realtor or seller will provide access to property and maintain distance from other participants.
  • All closings, including notary signings at escrow will be performed based on that current escrow company’s guidelines.

These additional measures are necessary to preserve the health of our Realtors and office staff and help prevent the spread of the virus while upholding our commitment to you, our clients. We will continue to monitor the impact of the coronavirus and keep you informed of further changes of the above measures.

As mentioned above we realize that some clients will have a situation requiring them to buy or sell real estate. Our preference is to wait until current CDC guidelines are lifted but if you have an urgent or unavoidable situation requiring you to proceed with a transaction these are the additional measures we have taken to minimize the spread of the Covid-19.

We are asking all clients who wish to proceed to acknowledge this additional disclosure. 

Thank you for your understanding and support during this challenging time.

By signing below, Buyer / Seller acknowledge that they have read, understand, accept and have received a copy of this disclosure.



Buyer / Seller ________________________________________________ Date _______________


Buyer / Seller ________________________________________________ Date _______________

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