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Buying Bank Owned Properties in California

Potential Foreclosure Deals for First Time Investors

“Get Rich Buying Real Estate Foreclosures” is an all-too-familiar headline seen these days by home buyers and first time investors that want to take opportunity of today’s foreclosure market. But despite what all these eye-catching get-rich-quick headlines tell you, it’s not that easy. As an Investopedia article truthfully points out, “Investing in foreclosures is a strategy that requires a level of sophistication and diligence that is far beyond what most people realize.

One of the biggest risks of buying foreclosures at auction is the fact that you don’t know what you’re buying. Sure, you can drive by the house and get a sense of how well the owners have kept the property, but you can’t tour the home nor request a proper inspection prior to your purchase.

REO Fixer for sale in San Diego

Another REO fixer for sale in San Diego. This is a Fannie Mae HomePath listing for sale, check out the video for more information and remember to go to our foreclosure section to view all bank owned homes for sale in San Diego County. Hope everyone is having a great day! Also, if you need a little perspective. Take a minute to read this article. It makes you realize that sometimes we ALL need to slow down and put things in perspective.