San Diego Broker Price Opinion Services

Looking for a BPO (Broker’s Price Opinion) in San Diego County? We offer San Diego Broker Price Opinion Services in San Diego County. We have completed thousands of BPO’s. If you would like to order a BPO please use the contact us button to send us a request. Please remember to include your contact information as well as the property address.  BPO Service available in San Diego County.

San Diego Broker Price Opinion Services

Please complete the CONTACT US form to order a BPO. Please include your property address and contact information.

FEES for San Diego Broker Price Opinion Services


  • City of San Diego – $250 -350 in the City & Most Areas of San Diego County.
  • Multi-Family 1-4 Units $300-450

Additional Information About Our BPO Services in San Diego

A BPO (Brokers Price Opinion) is typically completed in 7 days or less or 3-4 days from inspection. Payment is due at the time of property inspection.

With 30+ years of real estate experience a BPO is an opinion of value. It is typically used or requested by your lender or attorney. If you’re in bankruptcy your attorney will ask for you to have a BPO completed to provide to the court. We have worked with individual property owners, lenders and private investors for years and have extensive experience completing BPO’s. 

If you would like to order a BPO in San Diego County please CONTACT US

Highlights – Some of the BPO services that we offer and experience are listed below.

  • BPO’s are typically completed in 3-7 days
  • Local agent with extensive experience
  • 30 + Years of REO / Loss Mitigation Experience
  • Licensed in California for 35+ years
  • Accurate Realistic Values

Additional Services

In addition to our BPO services we also offer REO Asset Management in San Diego. We have relationships with large institutional lenders as well as small community banks. 30+ years of real estate and REO experience in San Diego. We know the local San Diego market and having worked as an asset manager for many years understand the importance of having a quality real estate team in the field to handle REO assets

Extensive experience with single family homes, multi-family propertiesland, and commercial real estate in San Diego County. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently sell property to reduce the loss and speed up recovery time. Technology, Qualified REO Agents, and Proven Management Expertise is the key to our success. We offer Broker Price Opinions to lenders, homeowners and Wall Street investors in San Diego & Imperial Valley. Please see above for current fee schedule. We currently work with many different banks, outsourcers, loss mitigation and REO departments.

In addition to our BPO services, if you’re looking for a Free Broker Price Opinion Form that you can download and use please visit our BPO form page HERE.

San Diego Broker Price Opinion ServicesFREE BPO (Broker Price Opinion Software)