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Apartment / Multi-Family Loans

There are many types of apartment / multi-family loans available. We can provide financing on small multi-family units to very large apartment complexes. Financing terms vary and the terms of your loan will be determined by the quality of the project. The key to getting the best terms is having a quality, well managed complex that will continue to generate income in the future. This doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you financing on a project that is less favorable, we are still able to offer financing on just about every type of project but as the quality of the project declines you can expect that the terms of the loan will be less favorable. We can typically provide you with an accurate letter of interest with limited documentation.

Mobile Home Park Financing

Mobile Home Park financing is one of our specialties and something we have a lot of experience in. Our mobile home park financing typically require a minimum loan amount of $500,000. We also have the ability to lend on many different types of mobile home parks, including A through D type parks. The key factors for determining the loan we can offer will be the income, quality of park, strength of borrower as well as the occupancy level. We can provide you a quote with minimal documentation. Just complete the loan request and one of our commercial loan specialists will contact you typically within 24 hours or less. We guarantee to have the most aggressive loan programs available. Please click through to our Mobile Home Park Financing page to view more detailed information about what we offer.

Self Storage Commercial Loans

Among our other commercial lending specialties, Team Aguilar provides very aggressive commercial loans for self storage parks. Depending on your needs, we can provide financing for your self storage purchase loan or refinance your existing self storage commercial loan. Key factors for your commercial self storage loan are cash flow and quality of facility. Please contact us with the details of your loan request so we can provide you a quote.

Retail / Shopping Center Commercial Loans

In booming markets around the country, shopping centers have been a popular choice of investments. Whether you are looking to buy or refinance an existing one, Team Aguilar can get you the financing you need for any type of shopping center. Our commercial loan programs offer very aggressive debt coverage ratios, fixed rates, and flexible guidelines depending on what your center needs. We can lend on very small retail centers that are owner / user centers up to your typical A type center that everyone can provide financing on. We will work with you, listen to your needs and get you a loan based on what your center has to offer. Commercial / Retail loans can be a very aggressive product within the commercial loan business and we feel confident you will be happy with our service.

Office Condo Commercial Financing

Expert commercial lending company that provides financing on office condos, contact us today to discuss the different financing options available for office condos. We have experience closing commercial loans for office condos.

Hotel Loans

Our team of dedicated professionals can help you get the financing you require whether you want to refinance or purchase a hotel. A flagged hotel is most common but we also have the ability to offer financing on non-flagged hotels as well. The key to financing a hotel is a steady history of income, solid management and strong ownership. Just like many other types of commercial loans, lenders are more attracted to a quality, well maintained, appealing hotel that will continue to bring in a steady income. We can provide very flexible terms for hotel loans as well as aggressive debt coverage ratios and rates. We know that we will be able to help you finance your flagged or non-flagged hotel so please contact us today and we will be happy to help start this process.

Commercial Office Building Loans

No matter what size loan you need to finance your office building we have an option available. Strong income, occupancy and debt coverage ratio will help secure better terms for your commercial office building loan but we have the ability to lend on property that may have been denied at other institutions. Among the different types of commercial loans we offer, commercial office buildings remain one of the most frequent commercial loans we offer.

Construction Loans

Team Aguilar has been providing construction lending loans for many different types of commercial properties for years. Depending on what your commercial construction loan needs may be, we will have a loan program available. Because construction lending can be such a huge range of programs and property types, we would encourage you to contact us so we can understand your goals and loan needs.

Commercial Lines of Credit

Obtain a line of credit secured by your commercial real estate up to $500,000. This program has a stated income feature and credit decisions are usually made in 72 hours. We have the ability to do a commercial line of credit on many types of property. These commercial lines of credit are designed for owner / users that would like to have additional cash to put into their business. Please review the details of this program to determine if this is right for you.

Commercial Lending

We are commercial loan experts and have the ability to provide you with many different types of commercial financing. Team Aguilar has been in commercial lending for 30 years and will fulfill all of your commercial lending needs. Over the years, we have provided clients with commercial loans to purchase and refinance every type of commercial property. We will lend on A, B, C, & even D property depending on what type of property it is, the income and the strength of the borrower. Please make it a point to contact us before you make any decision on where you will do your next commercial loan so we may have the opportunity to provide you with a quote.

Commercial Financing In Mexico

Note – in recent years financing in Mexico has become very difficult. Commercial financing in Mexico is one of our niche’s. It is not one of our main sources of business but is something that we have available. Because Mexico is so different then lending in the United States each loan is typically taken on a case by case scenario. The options in Mexico vary from loan to loan and we strongly encourage you to contact us for more details. The banks that are lending in Mexico will require that a very strong borrower / entity and you will not see the same aggressiveness that you will find in the United States. You can borrow and get a commercial loan in Mexico but you can expect that the process will be more difficult.

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