Common Question About Selling For 1%

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Why 1%?

This is the most common question we get and the answer is simple. The real estate industry needs to change because if it doesn’t we will see an Uber like service come in and take over. The traditional brokerage model of charging a seller 6% is going to fade away. Technology has greatly improved the exposure that a home needs to sell. Today a real estate broker has the ability to enter a home for sale in their local MLS and within hours that listing is syndicated out to thousands of real estate websites. Our goal is to sell your home just like any traditional broker would do. We provide full service for 1%.  We also hope to build a relationship with you and help you when you need to purchase a home. It’s a win win, you save money and we still have the opportunity to earn 3.5% instead of the traditional 6% most other brokerages are charging.

Do You Really Provide FULL SERVICE Real Estate Services?

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Yes we are! Pay 1% To Sell is able to offer you the complete service (even beyond what other competing brokerages offer, according to our clients) for just 1% commission. How do we do this? We utilize the best tools and technology and work on volume. We are a privately owned and do not pay large fees to franchises. We keep our costs low without sacrificing service.

Just because other real estate firms charge more in commissions doesn’t mean they actually do more work on your behalf. Read about our 1% full service real estate services on our sellers page.

What’s The Catch?

None! We are a small brokerage operating in San Diego for over two decades with more than $500 million in sales in the last ten years. We have a track record in closing deals and are nimble and efficient enough to operate profitably without overcharging our clients.

Will My Property Show up on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), Zillow, Trulia and other sites?

Yes! We are members of MLS, NAR, CAR & SDAR. We are members of all local, state and national realtor associations. We list all the properties we represent on a number of real estate sites for maximum exposure. Exposure is critical and we will make sure we provide proper exposure to sell your home.

How Can You Offer 1% Commissions When Other Firms Charge 6%?

Most real estate agents work for brokerages that are members of large national franchises. As such their commission rates are set by the head office and they have no control over the fees they charge. Since Pay 1% To Sell is a privately-owned independent brokerage, we have very low overhead and can still make a profit with lower fees. Our agents are empowered and encouraged to make decisions that will benefit the clients they represent rather than the management of the brokerage they work for.

Why Would Buyer Agents Work With You? Will They Show My Home To Their Buyers?

Yes! Since your home is listed on the MLS, the Buyer’s Agents will still get their usual 2.5% commission and thus have an incentive to show your home to as many potential buyers as possible. Remember, our cut is still only 1% of the sale price.

Do you ever charge more than 1%?

Yes, if you have a complicated sale that requires more attention like a probate sale, pending bankruptcy or need us to negotiate a short sale we will likely charge 2-3% but it depends on the situation. We will review each transaction based on the time required to complete. We work on volume and complicated transactions require considerably more time. We also have a lot of experience with transactions like these so don’t hesitate to contact us. We have successfully sold hundreds of short sales, REO’s, probate transactions and can help you navigate through these complicated transactions.

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