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At Team Aguilar, our dedicated team of professionals has the experience and knowledge you need to get a construction loan. Our company has been helping people with construction loans in the San Diego area for a long time and we know every factor needed to get a good rate. Depending on the type of construction you are doing, there are many different loan programs available. Let us help explain your options to you so you can make the most informed decision possible when deciding what loan is right for you.

For a construction loan, you will need to have a time frame for construction and be able to tell the lender exactly what you are going to be building and why. Usually, construction loans use interest-only payments while you are building and are due when you finish the job. To actually be completed if you are building a home, the house will need a certificate of occupancy.

You can start with an interest-only program and if you are building a home, easily have it converted into a normal mortgage loan once the construction is complete and you have a certificate of occupancy.

Team Aguilar can help you find the perfect loan and our team of professionals are always there to answer any questions you might have. Most importantly, when you deal with Team Aguilar, you can relax and have peace of mind.

When we contact you please expect to provide the following minimum information. There will be more information needed but this will provide us a starting point.

  • What is the Purpose of Loan? What are you going to build? Location, Address, Parcel Numbers
  • Use of Funds, what will this money be used for?
  • Loan Request Amount?
  • Term? Construction period, 12 -24 months?
  • Security? Lien on land, any fixtures, equipment, furniture?
  • Borrower, LLC?
  • Guarantor? 
  • Construction budget (include closing costs and interest carry)
  • Construction plans
  • Verification of liquidity
  • 3 years of tax returns for all guarantors along with all W2s, K1s and any extensions
  • Information on who will be the general contractor
  • Estimated Construction Timeline and Cash Flow Analysis
  • What sort of structure are you looking for on the Permanent Loan? 
  • Additional Comments?