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Del Cerro is an affluent residential neighborhood of around 5,638 people in Eastern San Diego. It is bordered by Allied Gardens in the west, San Carlos in the north, the sprawling San Diego State University Campus in the south and picturesque Lake Murray in the east. Del Cerro gets its name from the Spanish phrase "of the hill" due to it being built up on a hilly area alongside Navajo Canyon.

Del Cerro got its start when the first suburban developments began in the 1950s, 60s and 70s – this is evident by the many sprawling ranch-style homes from the 60s and 70s prevalent in the area.

Del Cerro’s main commercial hub runs along Del Cerro Boulevard, which is home to most of the community’s retail outlets and businesses. Local events include an annual Block Party which features live music, food trucks and activities and games for children. Other popular annual events are the 4th of July party held at the private Del Cerro Park and Pool and the Del Cerro Community Fall Festival held in September.

House Prices in Del Cerro

As of July 2016 median listing price for a home in Del Cerro was the $795,000, which is significantly higher than the San Diego average of $629,000. Property values in Del Cerro are also considerably higher than those of its immediate neighbors: San Carlos, Talmadge, Allied Gardens and College Area.

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Most Recent Sales in Del Cerro

Address Price Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
5523 Adobe Falls Rd #12 $280,000.00 3 2 1116 Details
6911 Alvarado Rd #16 $314,000.00 3 2 969 Details
6422 Carthage St $580,000.00 3 2 1418 Details
15862 Green Haven Ct $335,000.00 2 2 1280 Details
5520 Fontaine $707,000.00 3 2 1392 Details
5452 Adobe Falls Rd #2 $296,000.00 2 2 884 Details
7360 Park Ridge Blvd #120 $272,000.00 1 1 694 Details
5804 Malvern Ct $720,000.00 3 2 1792 Details
6165 Lambda Dr $785,000.00 3 2 1654 Details
7229 Hamlet Ave $670,000.00 3 2 1318 Details
5799 Lance St. $698,625.00 4 2 2042 Details
5452 Adobe Falls Rd #14 $318,000.00 2 2 1144 Details
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