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More and more, office condominiums continue to be a great option for business owners to invest in real estate while using the space for their own business needs. Doctors, dentists, and other small business owners are prime examples of people who benefit from owning and using their building for their work. In the past, such small owner/user properties were difficult to find financing for, but as the demand for them increases, so too does the banks that are providing loans for them.

At Team Aguilar, we pride ourselves on our ability to finance our client’s commercial investments geared toward their specific situations and at competitive rates. Among the different commercial properties we specialize in, office buildings remain one of the most frequent commercial loans that we do.

Whether you’re looking to purchase, refinance, or do a 1031 exchange, Team Aguilar can help you with your office building investments. Loan sizes ranging from the hundreds of thousands to the millions, we work with lenders who will finance high-rise, low-rise, condo-office buildings, suburban singles, multi, and credit tenant offices.

Please take a look at our commercial lending guidelines below and give us a call.