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Pacific Beach is located between Mission Beach to the south, and La Jolla to the north. Pacific Beach has always had a reputation as a haven for college students and surfers. The land value is increasing and Pacific Beach is becoming more desirable for professionals as well. Property is costly but you can easily get a return on any investment property through renting it. Apartments do excellent as college students move in and out. This brings the risk of property damage due to parties however.

Pacific Beach has always been a party town. There are many famous bars and clubs that people from all over San Diego visit on a regular basis. You are allowed to have non-bottled alcohol on the beach during the day so it is a great place for parties and barbecues. The Nightlife is famous and can be packed with people, especially over the weekends.

Pacific Beach is home to the famous Crystal Pier and a beautiful boardwalk. The pier allows fishing and also has a very unique hotel on the pier that lets you sleep above the ocean waves. The boardwalk has all types of local flavor and is a great spot for people watching. There are joggers, rollerbladers, bicyclists, and people who are browsing various shopping venues always traveling the boardwalk.

The beach itself is one of the most popular beaches in all of San Diego. There are great surfing and swimming and many hotels and resorts right along the beach. Smoking has been banned on the beach for over a year so you don't have to worry about cigarette butts in your sand castles. You can rent all kinds of beach equipment all up and down the boardwalk for day use.

Pacific Beach has a huge variety of shopping areas and restaurants that can suit any tastes. The seafood restaurants are a big draw as everything on the menu is extremely fresh and at affordable prices.

Pacific Beach is very close to downtown San Diego and the amazing La Jolla area making it a prime location for the property since you will have easy access to the most popular places in San Diego. If you are considering a home in San Diego, you may want to visit Pacific Beach and see if it is the lifestyle you are looking for. It can be too busy for many people but for those that love excitement, it is the perfect choice.

Pacific Beach is located within the county of San Diego, approximately 15 minutes drive to Downtown San Diego.

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Most Recent Sales in Pacific Beach

Address Price Beds Baths Sq. Ft.
3652 Yosemite Street $1,580,000.00 6 4 3231 Details
1048 Emerald St $785,000.00 3 2 1224 Details
3341 Riviera Dr. $2,530,000.00 4 4 2902 Details
1104 Law St $1,325,000.00 3 2 1301 Details
3566 Crown Point Dr $2,820,000.00 3 3 3413 Details
1261 Thomas Ave $1,250,000.00 4 4 2331 Details
1421 Thomas Avenue #2 $790,000.00 4 3 1307 Details
1855 Diamond St. #318 $347,000.00 1 1 653 Details
2233 Felspar Street $655,000.00 2 3 1163 Details
4716 Haines Street $865,000.00 3 2 1061 Details
2609 Pico Place #128 $295,000.00 1 1 625 Details
3833 Lamont #2B $660,000.00 2 2 1154 Details
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