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In booming markets around the country, shopping centers have been a popular choice of investments. Whether you are looking to buy or refinance an existing one, Team Aguilar can get you the financing you need for shopping centers big and small. We have had experience in the shopping center market for many years in the San Diego area and know what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you choose from many different loan programs.

Shopping centers are a wonderful choice for an investment property. They have been a great investment for people since the late 1800s even! Who doesn’t like to shop? San Diego, being a hub for tourists, almost guarantees your shopping center will be frequently visited in almost any area. Of course, location is important and you need to know who your shopping center is going to cater to. Whether it’s tourists or neighborhoods, we can find your perfect loan options and help you understand every in and out with a professional and relaxed feel. Loans of every type can cause a lot of stress so by letting our team of experienced professionals help you, you can have something that is priceless. Peace of mind.

Loan sizes ranging from the hundreds of thousands to the millions, we work with lenders who will finance shopping centers of all sizes, and offer a variety of loan programs at competitive rates. Whatever your loan scenario entails, let Team Aguilar guide you into the best loan program for you. 

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